Here's some potentially VERY good economic news that was lost amid the weekend news flurry.  Those…
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Some Potentially VERY Good Economic News

Here's some potentially VERY good economic news that was lost amid the weekend news flurry.  Those with "skin in the game," and who likely possess the best perspective, are betting heavily on an upturn, as highlighted by Friday's Wall Street Journal:

Corporate insiders are buying stock in their own companies at a pact not seen in years, a sign they are betting on a rebound after a coronavirus-induced rout.  More than 2,800 executives and directors have purchased nearly $1.19 billion in company stock since the beginning of March.  That's the third-highest level on both an individual and dollar basis since 1988, according to the Washington Service, which provides data analytics about trading activity by insiders."

Here's why that's important:

Because insiders typically know the…[more]

March 30, 2020 • 11:02 am
Public Approval of Trump Coronavirus Response Skyrockets

Public Approval of Trump Coronavirus Response Skyrockets

America entered this emergency with the strongest economy in recorded history.

Trump's Strategic Foresight Is Being Put to the Test

Trump's Strategic Foresight Is Being Put to the Test

Such foresight can also remind the nation never again to outsource key industries to China, and not to listen to those who always predict catastrophe in bleak times.

Biden Fails to Lead On Virus Fight

Biden Fails to Lead On Virus Fight

Give Joe Biden some credit. On Jan. 27, he published an op-ed in USA Today recognizing that the coronavirus outbreak could become a big problem.

When to End the Coronavirus Lockdown? Soon

When to End the Coronavirus Lockdown? Soon

The stealth nature of the virus is one reason New York, California and 18 other states – with half the nation's population – have imposed lockdowns.

It's Fine to Talk About How This Crisis Ends

It's Fine to Talk About How This Crisis Ends

No one can say with any certitude how this plays out yet, but asking these questions isn't kooky, out of bounds or unpatriotic; it's natural.

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—John Solomon, Just the News Editor in Chief
— John Solomon, Just the News Editor in Chief
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