As Congress considers reauthorization of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it must exercise…
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Congress Must Prevent Crony Capitalism and Spending Waste in FCC Reauthorization

As Congress considers reauthorization of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it must exercise extreme diligence to prevent it from becoming a vehicle for crony capitalism and waste of taxpayer dollars.

Currently, Congressional FCC reauthorization includes provisions that would reimburse broadcasters in spectrum incentive auctions, which could in turn be exploited to subsidize the upcoming ATSC 3.0 transition, as many had predicted.  By way of background, ATSC 3.0 refers to the upcoming transition to yet another new broadcasting standard, which will force over-the-air viewers to purchase new television sets or converter equipment at their own expense.  If that rings a bell, it's for good reason.  That's what occurred in recent years with the last conversion.

Here's the problem…[more]

March 19, 2018 • 03:21 pm
Look Homeward, 'Change Agents'

Look Homeward, 'Change Agents'

Go back to class and look homeward, all you young "change agents." The faultiest faults are near, not far.

House GOP Delivers Blow to Trump-Russia Collusion Story

House GOP Delivers Blow to Trump-Russia Collusion Story

Perhaps sooner rather than later, and the collusion question will finally be settled.

American Petroleum Innovators Proved the Naysayers Wrong

American Petroleum Innovators Proved the Naysayers Wrong

it's important to acknowledge these achievements and the lessons they offer regarding free markets and American ingenuity going forward.

A Layman's Guide to Bot Wars

A Layman's Guide to Bot Wars

More than 140 countries have a cyber weapons development program.

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—Charles Hurt, The Washington Times
— Charles Hurt, The Washington Times
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