Join CFIF Corporate Counsel and Senior Vice President Renee Giachino today from 4:00 p.m. CDT to 6:00…
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This Week's "Your Turn" Radio Show Lineup

Join CFIF Corporate Counsel and Senior Vice President Renee Giachino today from 4:00 p.m. CDT to 6:00 p.m. CDT (that’s 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT) on Northwest Florida’s 1330 AM WEBY, as she hosts her radio show, “Your Turn: Meeting Nonsense with Commonsense.” Today’s guest lineup includes:

4:00 CDT/5:00 pm EDT: Dr. William Lehr, Economist, Industry Consultant and Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The Future of Broadband Competition;

4:15 CDT/5:15 pm EDT: Hans von Spakovsky, Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow, Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies: Harvard and Racial Preferences;

4:30 CDT/5:30 pm EDT: Peter Wallison, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Author: Judicial Fortitude: The Last chance to Rein[more]

October 22, 2018 • 05:44 pm
'Medicare-for-All': A Disaster

'Medicare-for-All': A Disaster

President Donald Trump warns that Sanders is "eliminating Medicare as a program for seniors."

Alarming New Poll Shows Americans Fear Expressing Themselves, and Congress Should Act

Alarming New Poll Shows Americans Fear Expressing Themselves, and Congress Should Act

Do you find yourself self-censoring your viewpoints and concealing your political activities, except among trusted family and friends, or people you're certain are like-minded?

For House GOP, Midterm Pickup Chances Are Rare but Crucial

For House GOP, Midterm Pickup Chances Are Rare but Crucial

Any GOP pickups will probably be few and far between. But if the race for House control tightens in coming weeks, they could be critical.

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Cybersecurity Threats & Midterm Elections

Steve Bucci, Former Military Assistant to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Former Green Beret and Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation National Security & Foreign Policy Institute, discusses the integrity of our elections, cybersecurity and the midterm elections[more]
Dissecting the UN IPCC Report on Climate Change

Myron Ebell, Director at the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, discusses the recent report issued by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that warns the planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, what's missing from the report and why[more]
USA Workforce Tax Credit Act

Peter Murphy, Vice President at Invest in Education Coalition, discusses the need to increase the workplace skills of the American workforce and the campaign to promote the USA Workforce Tax Credit Act[more]
California's Illegal Attempt at "Net Neutrality" Internet Regulation

Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, discusses why California's Net Neutrality law is illegal, how well-established constitutional authority preempts state and local attempts to regulate the provision of broadband service, and the lawsuit filed to block California's new law[more]
From Judge Kavanaugh to Justice Kavanaugh: What Happens Next?

Thomas Jipping, Deputy Director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and Senior Legal Fellow, discusses the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court and what's ahead for the Court's newest member[more]
Next Steps for NAFTA 2.0

Bryan Riley, Director of National Taxpayers Union's Free Trade Initiative, discusses next steps for NAFTA 2.0[more]
The GOP Midterm Elections Post-Kavanaugh Confirmation

William J. Conti, Partner at Baker & Hostetler, discusses how the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have injected energy and camaraderie into the GOP and why Elizabeth Warren may be Democrats' choice in 2020[more]
Forty Years After Camp David Accords

Michael Rubin, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses how the Camp David Accords forever changed the face of the Middle East, the lessons to be learned and more[more]
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Between 1946 and 2016, what percentage of U.S. Supreme Court decisions have split evenly (4-4)?
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"In love as in politics, timing is everything. Hardball politics is hastening a caravan of immigrants rumbling north toward the United States, on course to arrive sometime around Election Day, Nov. 6. The sight of thousands of illegals from Central America crashing the border could haunt voters as they step into the voting booth. Rather than propel the media-predicted flood of Democratic Party victories…[more]
—The Editors, The Washington Times
— The Editors, The Washington Times
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