We at CFIF have been emphasizing the threat posed by new drug price controls inexplicably contemplated…
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Drug Price Controls Would Kill Innovation

We at CFIF have been emphasizing the threat posed by new drug price controls inexplicably contemplated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  In December, CFIF filed formal Comment opposing that ill-advised proposal, and hopefully wiser minds will prevail before the damage is done.  In similar vein, The Wall Street Journal ran a welcome commentary entitled "The Drug Price-Control Threat" on January 8 of this year, and a followup letter from reader Bruce Zessar of Highland Park, Illinois in today's edition offers a personal, real-world illustration of what could be lost:

Insulin isn't the same now as when it was discovered a century ago.  My wife is a Type I diabetic, diagnosed when she was 14 in 1980.  She has been a beneficiary of the tremendous advances in insulin…[more]

January 16, 2019 • 02:08 pm
Pelosi House’s Top Priority: Chilling First Amendment Speech and Privacy Rights

Pelosi House’s Top Priority: Chilling First Amendment Speech and Privacy Rights

There's simply no defensible logic to reviving the old practice.

The Ironies of Illegal Immigration

The Ironies of Illegal Immigration

On both sides of the border, they often fault the U.S. and demand that U.S. immigration law be suspended — but only in their case.

Dems' 'Tax the Rich' Hoax

Dems' 'Tax the Rich' Hoax

The federal government currently collects $44 trillion in tax revenues over 10 years. The progressive agenda would require doubling that.

What, Precisely, Do Democrats Want To Impeach Trump For?

What, Precisely, Do Democrats Want To Impeach Trump For?

It's a difficult legal argument, but House Democrats don't need to convict the president in a court of law; they just need to give senators a reason to vote for removal.

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Beware Price Controls for Prescription Drugs

Pat Rosenstiel, Founder and Chairman of the Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity, discusses HHS's proposal to create an "International Pricing Index" payment model for prescription drugs administered under Medicare Part B, why this proposal is bad for Americans and how it will hurt research and development[more]
Democratic Rules Package Changes

Adam Michel, Policy Analyst with the Roe Institute for Economic Policy at The Heritage Foundation, discusses notable changes in the House Democratic rules package that could mean more spending and higher taxes and how universal savings accounts could help Americans save for their own priorities[more]
The New Congress

William J. Conti, Partner at Baker & Hostetler, discusses the 116th Congress, the new leaders and key figures, issues that will top the agenda and looking ahead to 2020[more]
George H.W. and Barbara Bush: A Love Story

Andrew Och, Author and Award-Winning Television Producer, discusses the remarkable legacy and lifetime of achievements of George and Barbara Bush, their love story, and Christmases at the White House[more]
Free Trade is the Future

James Bacchus, Former U.S. Representative, Professor of Global Affairs at the University of Central Florida and Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute, discusses why free trade must be embraced, including by Democrats[more]
China-U.S. Relations: Hot and Cold

John Hannah, Senior Counselor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former Vice President Dick Cheney's National Security Advisor, discusses the ups and downs of U.S.-China relations[more]
Mergers, Lawsuits and Climate Change

Timothy Lee, CFIF's Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs, discusses the ongoing lawsuit involving AT&T-Time Warner's potential merger and how climate change alarmism needs to cool down[more]
A New White House Chief of Staff and Congress' Dysfunction Junction

Quin Hillyer, Contributor to the Washington Examiner and Author, discusses the short list of candidates for White House Chief of Staff and how Congress can avoid a dysfunction junction[more]
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"Conservatives complain about government constantly. But if there's one agency hated by people across the political spectrum, it is the Transportation Security Administration.This agency, created in late 2001, is known by alternative acronyms such as 'Thousands Standing Around,' and anyone who has flown on a busy day understands why. On every trip, one inevitably gets the perception that innumerable…[more]
—The Editors, Washington Examiner
— The Editors, Washington Examiner
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