“Without [ObamaCare’s] premium support, premiums rise by nearly 45 percent, and enrollment falls…
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Report: Without Subsidies, ObamaCare Enrollment in Death Spiral

“Without [ObamaCare’s] premium support, premiums rise by nearly 45 percent, and enrollment falls by nearly 70 percent,” says a report by RAND Health.

The analysis is part of an evaluation commissioned by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the agency in charge of ObamaCare implementation.

The report’s publication follows on news that a federal district judge in Oklahoma ruled ObamaCare’s premium support (i.e. subsidies) mechanism is not available in states that use Healthcare.gov, the federal ObamaCare exchange. According to the text of the law, eligibility for subsidies depends on a citizen’s state operating its own exchange. If the law’s plain meaning is followed, RAND’s analysis will apply to citizens in more than half of the states.

The RAND…[more]

October 21, 2014 • 01:50 pm

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CFIF Launches Public Education Effort in Arkansas Print E-mail
Thursday, October 16 2014

The Center for Individual Freedom today launched a public education effort in Arkansas focused on educating and encouraging the states’ citizens to urge state elected leaders to support strong legislative action to crack down on sex offenders. 

The effort includes a television advertisement urging Arkansas citizens to contact State Representative Nate Steel and urge him to do more in the state legislature to get tough on sex offenders.

The ad points out that Representative Steel, in the 89th General Assembly, was the only member present to refuse to vote yes on S.B. 12 – legislation banning violent sex offenders from children's swimming areas, playgrounds and parks.  Further, in the 88th General Assembly, Representative Steel opposed legislation (H.B. 1408) banning sex offenders from living near elementary schools and playgrounds.

View the ad below.

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—William Kristol, The Weekly Standard Editor
— William Kristol, The Weekly Standard Editor
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