From AEI, another helpful corrective for the common claim that American incomes have stagnated, this…
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Image of the Day: Yes, Incomes Have Risen

From AEI, another helpful corrective for the common claim that American incomes have stagnated, this one incorporating the fact that the average size of households has declined over recent decades:

. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1309"] Median Incomes[/caption]

.  …[more]

September 19, 2019 • 10:03 am

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Thursday, January 26 2012

A New Jersey man who overdosed on stolen drugs at a party will receive a total of $4.1 million in the settlement of a lawsuit against the pharmacy from which the drugs were stolen, the homeowner where the party took place and participants at the party who did not call 911.

In 2007, Scott Simon, then 17, attended a party and took Xanax provided to him by an ex-employee of Harding Pharmacy.  The Xanax was stolen from the pharmacy.  In a lawsuit filed against the above-named parties, Simon claims he fell into a coma at the party and wound up suffering permanent nerve damage.  As part of a settlement agreement, Harding Pharmacy will pay Simon $1.9 million.

"In this case, the pharmacy was the victim - not the plaintiff, who made a decision to ingest stolen drugs,” said Marcus Rayner, New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance’s executive director. “Yet it is the pharmacy that is being denied justice by today's legal system and the drug user who is benefiting from it.”

—Source: Ridgewood-GlenRock Patch (NJ);

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"A close friend and former colleague of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, echoed new revelations from former Senator Orrin Hatch R-Ut., that Joe Biden did not believe Anita Hill after she accused Thomas of sexual harassment during Thomas' Supreme Court confirmation process. ...Williams' recollection is line with that of Biden's former Senate colleague, Orrin Hatch, who appears in the new Fox…[more]
—Matt London, Fox News
— Matt London, Fox News
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