Senator Martha McSally (R - Arizona) has broadly proven herself a stalwart ally of conservatives, libertarians…
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Sen. McSally Must Avoid the Trap of Counterproductive Prescription Drug Legislation

Senator Martha McSally (R - Arizona) has broadly proven herself a stalwart ally of conservatives, libertarians and the Trump Administration in her brief tenure on Capitol Hill.  A former U.S. Air Force A-10 pilot, her votes have confirmed President Trump's phenomenal array of judicial nominees and advanced his economic agenda to bring us arguably the greatest economic conditions in history.

She must be careful, however, to avoid potentially catastrophic missteps on the issue of healthcare and prescription drugs.

Specifically, Sen. McSally has introduced legislation and supported other Senate Finance Committee proposals that would introduce drug price controls from socialist foreign healthcare systems to the U.S., empower the Department of Health and Human  Services (HHS) to directly…[more]

February 26, 2020 • 10:33 am

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Thursday, January 23 2014

A Colorado woman is suing an Aspen restaurant after allegedly being served too much cheap tequila.

Julia Penny of Wood Creek, Colorado, filed a small-claims lawsuit against upscale restaurant Casa Tua claiming she was served so much alcohol she ended up in the hospital.  Penny is seeking damages of $3,770, equivalent to her bill from the Aspen Valley Hospital.

According to news reports, Penny was served a margarita in a tall glass and that the bartender, who was quite busy, mistakenly added too much alcohol.

“I totally got overpoured,” Penny said. “It could’ve been the fact that it was cheap tequila. I thought maybe I had been drugged or something.”
The blood work showed that she had ingested five or so shots of tequila. Penny said she filed the lawsuit because the restaurant management was ignoring her.
“I went out for dinner that night and ended up in the emergency room,” Penny said. “I’m just very angry.”


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"With the revelation that superdelegates and party officials may stop Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Democratic convention this July should he only have a plurality of delegates, candidates trailing in the primary race are more incentivized to continue their campaigns, which helps Bernie even more as he plows ahead to cement an insurmountable delegate lead over a divided field.Everyone is afraid of Sanders…[more]
—A.B. Stoddard, RealClearPolitics Associate Editor
— A.B. Stoddard, RealClearPolitics Associate Editor
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