From AEI, something to remember when we're told that the middle class in America is disappearing. …
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Image of the Day: Middle Class Shrinking... In a Good Way

From AEI, something to remember when we're told that the middle class in America is disappearing.  It's disappearing because people are moving upward:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1569"] Middle Class Disappearing... Upward[/caption]


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August 19, 2019 • 10:12 am

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Wednesday, April 30 2014

A Washington State woman is suing the owner of a pet duck, charging that the duck wandered down the street and attacked her.

Cynthia Ruddell of Washougal, Washington is suing Lolita Rose of Estacada, Oregon after suffering multiple injuries while trying to duck away from the animal.

Ruddell's attorney, Gregory Price, told a local news station that, "... The duck flapped its wings at her and knocked her back and she fell down on an outstretched hand and fractured her wrist in two spots." 

The suit seeks $25,000 for medical expenses and $250,000 for pain and suffering and the interference the injuries caused to Ruddell's normal, daily activities.

"We had neighbors that indicated this duck was a crazy duck that attacked kids at the school bus stop and other people before," Price said, adding that Rose should have warned neighbors about the danger because she knew the duck had, "abnormally dangerous propensities in attacking people." 

News reports indicate that Price hopes to settle the lawsuit out of court within the next 60 days.

—Source: (Boise, ID)

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"Federal arrests of non-citizens has increased exponentially over the past two decades, and account for the majority of all federal arrests, data released by the Justice Department revealed.Non-citizens made up 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 despite making up 7% of the U.S. population, according to Justice Department data released Thursday and reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Between…[more]
—Jason Hopkins, Daily Caller Immigration and Politics Reporter
— Jason Hopkins, Daily Caller Immigration and Politics Reporter
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