From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their…
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Image of the Day: Mainstream Media's Evaporating Credibility

From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their cries of "Wolf!" accumulate.  Simultaneously, it captures how three institutions most intertwined with conservative values - the military, small business and police - remain atop the list of public esteem.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="960"] Media's Evaporating Credibility[/caption]


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October 04, 2019 • 10:29 am

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Wednesday, May 04 2011

A state appeals court in New York has ruled that no evidence exists that a woman or her baby were harmed by a hospital mix-up in which the infant was briefly given to the wrong mother.
Lynda Williams gave birth to her daughter at the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.  She claims the hospital staff handed the newborn to her one morning, then a few minutes later a group of nurses rushed in and took her away.  Apparently a hospital worker realized that two babies were placed in the wrong bassinets.  The employee was later dismissed.
Williams claimed the incident, though brief, caused her months of anxiety, particularly whether the other mother, who may have briefly nursed Williams' daughter, might have been drinking alcohol or using drugs.  Moreover, she also wondered if the baby she had taken home was the one she had delivered.
The court found no grounds for a lawsuit against the hospital.  Williams' lawyer, Lisa Pashkoff, said she plans to appeal the ruling. "It's bizarre," she said. "How can you find there's no duty to the parents is just beyond me. The whole thing was really a harrowing experience for them."


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"Everyone who already thought the case for President Trump's impeachment was a slam-dunk went berserk Thursday, claiming that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had just admitted to a quid pro quo with Ukraine.Except that what Mulvaney 'admitted' is that the administration was doing what it should -- pushing a foreign government to cooperate in getting to the bottom of foreign interference…[more]
—The Editorial Board, New York Post
— The Editorial Board, New York Post
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