Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare…
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Gallup Poll Shows Americans' Views on U.S. Healthcare Quality Turned Downward with ObamaCare and More Government Control

Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare Quality," but what's perhaps most notable is when the distinctive downturn began -- as ObamaCare took effect and government control over our healthcare increased significantly:



January 31, 2023 • 04:20 PM

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On President Biden's Border Crisis:

"The nation is having a contentious debate over whether illegal migrants coming over the southern border should be transported further inland and, if so, where and by whom.

"Should they stay in San Antonio or end up in New York City, get bused to a rural town no one has heard of or get flown to one of the most desirable summer spots in the country?

"Although this debate has generated much heat and is of great interest to the local authorities involved, it is really beside the point.

"The crux of the matter is that the Biden administration dismantled or downgraded every policy that had established control over the southern border under his predecessor and is directly responsible for the record number of illegal immigrants flooding into the country. If the influx weren't so large, there'd be fewer migrants to sign up for the bus trips sponsored by Texas and Arizona to send them north and east to blue cities."

Read the entire article here.

— Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review
— Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review
Posted September 20, 2022 • 07:13 AM
On the Major Questions Doctrine and Separation of Powers:

"In deciding West Virginia v. EPA last term, the Supreme Court invoked a rarely used concept called the 'major questions doctrine.' This holds that when an administrative agency claims authority to issue a far-reaching or unprecedented new rule, it must be able to show that Congress specifically authorized what the agency is proposing. At this time, with this court, we are likely to see many more cases in which this agency-restricting doctrine is invoked.

"The underlying policy of the major questions doctrine is as clear as the Constitution itself: Under the Constitution's separation of powers, Congress must make the laws, not an administrative agency. Administrative agencies cannot use a generally stated authority from Congress, such as the EPA's authority to address air pollution or climate change, to create rules that the agency cannot show were intended or even contemplated by Congress. If the conservative majority of the court stays with this position -- and there is every indication that it will -- the result will be a narrowing of the powers of administrative agencies. ...

"Political scientists and other observers have noted that, over many years, Congress has been able to avoid tough decisions by sending ambiguous authority to administrative agencies. Then, when constituents complain about the breadth of regulations, members of Congress blame the agencies rather than their own failure to use clear and precise statutory language. Indeed, one of the principal reasons the Supreme Court has probably used the major questions doctrine in this case is to force Congress to authorize rules that would reduce emissions of greenhouse gases if it is serious about the issue."

Read the entire article here.

— Peter Wallison, Senior Fellow Emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute
— Peter Wallison, Senior Fellow Emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute
Posted September 19, 2022 • 07:58 AM
Reporting on the Housing Market:

"If you're looking to buy a home soon, you're in luck. After two years of record high sales, data shows the housing market is starting to cool down, but there is a catch.

"For the first time since March 2021, the average home is selling for less than its list price, but high mortgage rates are still impacting what people can afford.

"Mortgage rates are the highest they've been in 14 years, reaching nearly 6%, according to the real estate company Redfin.

"'This is the sharpest turn in the housing market since the housing market crash in 2008,' said Daryl Fairweather, Redfin's Chief Economist."

Read the entire article here.

— Rebekah Castor, Fox News
— Rebekah Castor, Fox News
Posted September 16, 2022 • 07:51 AM
On Vice President Kamala Harris and Border Security:

"Unlike President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris has at least visited the southern border -- once. Unfortunately, as evidenced by her embarrassing appearance on Meet the Press this weekend, Harris does not appear to have learned anything from her trip. When asked, Harris confidently assured host Chuck Todd that 'the border is secure.'

"No, madam, it is not.

"When Harris visited the border last June, a then-record 180,597 migrants had been arrested the month before for illegally entering the country. More than 1 million migrants would end up getting caught (mostly turning themselves in on purpose) in Biden's first year. A record 241,166 migrants were arrested this May, and more than 2 million will be caught this year. In other words, the border is far from secure, and the problem is getting worse."

Read the entire article here.

— The Editors, Washington Examiner
— The Editors, Washington Examiner
Posted September 15, 2022 • 07:48 AM
Reporting on the Biden Administration and a Pending Rail Strike That Would Be a Significant Blow to the U.S. Economy:

"As the Biden administration scrambles with just days to avert a rail strike that threatens to deal a devastating blow to the economy, the White House is facing pressure on multiple fronts as it weighs the political ramifications of a shutdown.

"A strike could come as early as just after midnight on Friday if a deal isn't reached ahead of that time between major rail companies and the four unions that have not agreed to the current proposal put forth by the presidential emergency board (PEB) appointed by President Biden. ...

"According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), a shutdown would be absolutely devastating, costing upward of $2 billion per day and kneecapping an already fragile supply chain while hurting businesses and consumers alike. ...

"Marc Scribner, a senior transportation policy analyst at the Reason Foundation, says the timing of the potential strike was coordinated and may not help the administration.

'"That this might occur right before the midterm elections is entirely self-inflicted by the Biden administration, where two of President Biden's National Mediation Board [NMB] members took the bizarre step in June of terminating board-guided mediation two months early and starting the 90-day countdown to a possible rail strike,' strike,' Scribner told FOX Business, calling the move 'unprecedented.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Breck Dumas, FOX Business
— Breck Dumas, FOX Business
Posted September 14, 2022 • 08:19 AM
Reporting on the Potential Funding Bill Crisis in Congress:

"House lawmakers are set to return to Washington on Tuesday, kicking off a hectic three-week legislative session by the end of which Congress must avert a government shutdown ahead of Sept. 30.

"Congress is eyeing a short-term funding bill, known as a continuing resolution, that will keep the government open until early December, after Election Day.

"The path forward is muddled, however, by President Biden's request to include $22 billion in new coronavirus money and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's insistence on tying the short-term funding measure to legislation streamlining the permitting process for oil and gas drilling.

"Nearly a third of House Democrats warn that including the permitting portion is a non-starter."

Read the entire article here.

— Haris Alic, Fox News
— Haris Alic, Fox News
Posted September 12, 2022 • 06:10 AM
About SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's Apparent Conflicts of Interest:

"Gary Gensler, President Joe Biden's Securities and Exchange Commissioner, had final approval authority for the Hillary Clinton campaign's payments for the discredited Steele dossier, according to congressional testimony that is adding to concerns about conflicts of interest as the SEC investigates Donald Trump's social media frim's merger request.

"Questions surfaced last month about the SEC's probe of Trump's Truth Social when RealClearInvestigations journalist Paul Sperry reported that Gensler, as SEC chairman, previously served as the Hillary Clinton campaign's chief financial officer.

"In addition, Sperry reported that SEC Associate Director of Enforcement Melissa Hodgman was married to Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the much-criticized Russia collusion probe and was fired in 2018 for anti-Trump texts on his official bureau phone."

Read the entire article here.

— John Solomon, Editor in Chief of Just the News
— John Solomon, Editor in Chief of Just the News
Posted September 09, 2022 • 07:57 AM
On How President Biden Has Turned a Booming Economy Into a 'High-Inflation Bust':

"Mr. Biden took a booming economy without inflation and turned it into a high-inflation bust in a little more than a year. His war on fossil fuels has driven gasoline, oil, natural gas and coal prices sky-high -- ditto for food prices on grocery shelves. He can't even get proper baby formula on store shelves. He has spent massively, raised taxes and launched the biggest regulatory assault on business we have ever seen. Real wages for working folks have fallen steadily.

"He is not only obsessed with climate change, without ever providing any alternate replacement. He is similarly maniacal about repealing all the successful Trump tax cuts that gave us the lowest poverty and highest family wages in 50 years.

"He wants a battery-powered economy but won't let people mine the resources to develop it. His allies want to end gas-powered cars but are now telling EV owners they can't recharge their batteries. Why? No electricity. Why? Not enough fossil fuels."

Read the entire article here.

— Larry Kudlow, Former Director of the National Economic Council and Current Host of Kudlow on FOX Business Network
— Larry Kudlow, Former Director of the National Economic Council and Current Host of Kudlow on FOX Business Network
Posted September 08, 2022 • 07:54 AM
On the Federal Government's Bungled Census in Favor of Blue States Over Red States:

"If a politician from Florida decides to run for president in 2024, his (or her) home state will be short two votes in the Electoral College, and when the new session of the U.S. House of Representatives convenes in January 2023, Florida will be missing two congressional seats to which it is entitled.

"Why? Because according to a post-2020 census survey, the U.S. Census Bureau significantly undercounted the population of Florida, as well as Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. At the same time, it overcounted the population of eight states, all but one of which is a blue state.

"The 2020 errors were discovered when the Census Bureau interviewed a large number of households across the country and compared the answers it got to the original census responses in 2020. In addition to undercounting six states, the survey showed that the Bureau overcounted the population of Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Utah.

"Funny coincidence -- the Census made its largest overcount percentage error in President Joe Biden's tiny home state of Delaware, which was overcounted by 5.45%. But Rhode Island and Minnesota were also overcounted by 5.05% and 3.84%, respectively, which allowed each of them to keep a congressional seat to which they are not entitled. ...

"There is no remedy in the federal statutes governing the census and apportionment to correct this problem. The scope of this problem was unusually high, and the Census Bureau has not offered any explanation as to how this happened."

Read the entire article here.

— Hans A. von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a Former Justice Department Lawyer and FEC Commissioner
— Hans A. von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a Former Justice Department Lawyer and FEC Commissioner
Posted September 07, 2022 • 07:39 AM
On the Biden Administration's Destructive 'Green Surrender':

"I sometimes wonder which policy of President Biden's has been or will be the most destructive of them all. There are so many possibilities.

"The American Rescue Plan of 2021 contributed to the record inflation of the past year. Biden's reversal of the Migration Protection Protocols, safe third country agreements, and other immigration policies enacted by the previous administration resulted in historic numbers of illegal entries along the southern border. The withdrawal from Afghanistan abandoned a nation of 39 million people to a murderous, medieval, terrorist-aligned mafia. Biden has pursued a renewed nuclear agreement with Iran despite that regime's support for militias that fire on U.S. troops, plots to kill U.S. officials on U.S. soil, and ultimate responsibility for the assault on Salman Rushdie. Just the other day, Biden announced a complex, unconstitutional, regressive, and inflationary scheme to forgive student debt. The words "moral hazard" are not in his vocabulary.

"Like I said: There are plenty of options for which Biden policy is the worst. Yet his biggest folly may turn out to be his green thumb. The manic Progressive quest to eliminate fossil fuels and preside over a 'green energy transition' will make America dependent, unstable, poorer, needier, and weaker. Indeed, it already is doing so."

Read the entire article here.

— Matthew Continetti, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Founding Editor of the Washington Free Beacon
— Matthew Continetti, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Founding Editor of the Washington Free Beacon
Posted September 05, 2022 • 09:53 AM
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"California's secretary of state just issued data that show the 2022 election was a mess.Why? Because of voting by mail.Indeed, this was California's first election that relied on the United States Postal Service to get the mission accomplished. In September 2021, Sacramento passed new legislation that said everyone registered to vote -- dead or alive -- is automatically sent a ballot in the mail,…[more]
— J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation
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