A summer whose entertainment headlines were dominated by Taylor Swift and her blowout concert tour just…
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Event Ticket Purchases: The Proposed BOSS Act Would Empower Biden’s Rogue FTC and Make Matters Worse, Not Better

A summer whose entertainment headlines were dominated by Taylor Swift and her blowout concert tour just came to an end.  Unsurprisingly, a significant number of those headlines centered upon the ongoing public policy debate over the consumer ticket purchase experience, along with varying and differing calls for reform.

Unfortunately, some of that discussion served to introduce terribly ill-advised proposals that would only make the industry and American consumers’ enjoyment of it far worse.

To be sure, the genesis of the problem underlying various reform proposals is the issue of predatory ticket resellers who engage in harmful practices that hurt fans as well as the artists themselves.  As just one illustration, resale ticket prices at StubHub alone have increased over 100% since…[more]

September 26, 2023 • 07:25 PM

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J. Geils Band in "Centerfold" of Lawsuit Print
Thursday, October 04 2012

Remaining members of the rock icon J. Geils Band are being sued by former member and founder John Geils over use of the J. Geils Band name in the current tour line-up.

In the lawsuit, Geils names band members Richard Salwitz, Danny Klein, Peter Wolf and Seth Justman, claiming they "planned and conspired" to exclude Geils from their current tour and are unlawfully using the group's trademarked name. Geils is seeking full rights to the name and prohibition of use by the other band members, plus damages.

"Together they're the J. Geils Band, but separately they're Mr. Wolf, Mr. Salwitz, Mr. Klein and Mr. Justman," said Geils' lawyer, Charles Grimes. "They do not have the right to take his name and use it, and try to deny him the right to use his own name."

News sources indicate that Geils has been reluctant to participate in previous reunions because he prefers jazz music over rock 'n' roll or the music of Geils. In a radio interview, Wolf adds that Geils' legal action is "deceptive," "disturbing" and "fraudulent" and likens the situation to the Allman Brothers and Van Halen's when they went through multiple lineup changes.

—Sources: Rollingstone.com and wzlx.cbslocal.com

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"The Biden administration recently issued yet another outlandish immigration action, but most Americans likely did not realize it. I'm talking about the Department of Homeland Security's decision to extend and 'redesignate' Temporary Protected Status for more than 700,000 illegal aliens from Venezuela that the Biden administration has already allowed into the U.S. For many Americans, this may sound…[more]
— Chad Wolf, Former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Executive Director of the Center for Homeland Security & Immigration at the America First Policy Institute
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