In last week's Liberty Update, we highlighted the Heritage Foundation's 2022 Index of Economic Freedom…
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Image of the Day: More Economic Freedom = Higher Standard of Living

In last week's Liberty Update, we highlighted the Heritage Foundation's 2022 Index of Economic Freedom, which shows that Joe Biden has dragged the U.S. down to 22nd, our lowest rank ever (we placed 4th in the first Index in 1995, and climbed back up from 18th to 12th under President Trump).  As we noted, among the Index's invaluable metrics is how it demonstrates the objective correlation between more economic freedom and higher citizen standards of living, which this graphic illustrates:


May 19, 2022 • 12:53 PM

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Thursday, June 05 2014

A Washington State man is facing criminal charges after allegedly assaulting a woman and stealing her iPad, and then having the gall to “friend” his victim on Facebook the next day.

According to news reports, a woman was struck on the head from behind while sitting at the Bremerton, Washington, ferry terminal. Although the victim claims she did not see her assailant's face, she did notice he had a triangle neck tattoo. The following day, the victim received a “friend” request on Facebook from Riley Allen Mullins and recognized his tattoo as the same one she saw the day before.  Investigators confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Mullins, and they charged him with second-degree robbery.


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"Lawmakers continued to raise concerns about the Internal Revenue Service at a Congressional hearing this week as the agency deals with billions in misspent dollars, hefty processing backlogs, and complaints over poor customer service.Lawmakers lobbed questions at the tax-collecting agency during the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee hearing.'The program has an annual improper payment rate…[more]
—Casey Harper, The Center Square
— Casey Harper, The Center Square
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