In recent weeks we at CFIF have criticized the Biden administration's indefensible legal crusade against…
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AEI Scholar: Biden Administration Targeting of Live Nation a "Historic Mistake"

In recent weeks we at CFIF have criticized the Biden administration's indefensible legal crusade against entertainment enterprise Live Nation, which promises nothing but a waste of judicial resources and litigation costs in its attempt to reverse a merger that the very same Department of Justice (DOJ) blessed just a few short years ago.

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar and tech expert Mark Jamison adds his own intellectual heft to the issue in his new commentary "The Government Is Gunning for Live Nation.  It's Making a Historic Mistake":

The recent case filed by Department of Justice (DOJ) exemplifies the administration’s tendency to view company breakups as a panacea for perceived market ills.  The DOJ argues that Live Nation’s integration of concerts, event venue…[more]

June 24, 2024 • 01:25 PM

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A Prayer for Relief from Ridiculous Lawsuit Print
Wednesday, May 28 2014

A South Carolina elementary school is being sued by an atheist group because the school's fifth grade graduation ceremony is scheduled to be held in the chapel at a local Christian university.

The American Humanist Association is suing the Mountain View Elementary School, challenging the graduation's location at North Greenville University. Greenville County school district is also a named defendant in light of the fact that the district allows student-led prayers at the fifth grade ceremony.

According to Matt Sharp, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, which has filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of the school, if the ceremony were held at the school, students would be limited to three attendees who would sit in cramped chairs designed for small children.  With respect to the claim regarding student-led prayers, Sharp believes the school is "doing the right thing by saying, We're not going to censor students. They have First Amendment rights to express their beliefs."

According to news reports, the named plaintiffs who are parents of Mountain View students suggested that the family would encounter "unconstitutional, school-affiliated prayers" at the school's graduation ceremony if it were held in the college chapel.


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"Nothing proves that what goes around comes around like presidential debates. In their last meeting, Joe Biden gratuitously slammed Donald Trump for his Covid response. In their upcoming debate this Thursday, Trump should return the favor and remind viewers of the effects Biden's open-border policy has had on America's fentanyl crisis."Read the entire article here.…[more]
— J.T. Young, Former Congressional Staffer Who Also Served in the Department of Treasury and Office of Management and Budget
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