Americans are by now broadly aware of the threat posed by Chinese-owned TikTok, including its threat…
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TikTok’s Latest Assault: Ripping Off American Artists and Songwriters

Americans are by now broadly aware of the threat posed by Chinese-owned TikTok, including its threat to U.S. national security.

In recent days, we’ve witnessed in real time another emerging TikTok threat reaching the headlines:  The threat it poses to intellectual property protections, which undergird America’s status as the most artistically and musically productive and influential nation in human history.

Universal Music Group, however, has decided to stand up and fight back by removing its catalog of songs – including artists like Taylor Swift, Drake and Billie Eilish – from TikTok.

Tone-Deaf TikTok has built its aggressive worldwide empire largely on the backs of music created by American artists, as even its corporate leadership openly admits.  As TikTok’s very own…[more]

February 08, 2024 • 12:44 PM

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What Not to Serve This Thanksgiving Print
Tuesday, November 23 2010

Artichokes may be off the menu for some Thanksgiving feasts this year after people learn that a Miami doctor is suing a local restaurant for pain he experienced following consumption of the entire artichoke.
Arturo Carvajal filed a lawsuit against national restaurant chain Houston's, essentially claiming the restaurant was responsible for his pain because employees didn't tell him that he was supposed to eat the soft meat located on the inside of the artichoke leaves, not the entire thing. According to the lawsuit, a server suggested the grilled artichoke to Carvajal, who responded he had never seen or even heard of an artichoke, but decided to order it anyway. At no point, the lawsuit states, did the waiter tell Carvajal how to eat the dish. 
After eating the entire artichoke, thorny leaves and all, Carvajal experienced severe abdominal pain and had to go to the hospital. Doctors found artichoke leaves lodged in his small bowel and had to perform surgery to remove them.
"Arturo Carvajal suffered bodily injury, resulting in pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life..." states the lawsuit.  Carvajal is seeking at least $15,000 in damages.
Glenn Viers, attorney for the restaurant chain, told Business Insurance, “It's just kind of a silly notion. …  What's next? Are we going to have to post warnings on our menu they shouldn't eat the bones in our barbecue ribs?” 

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— Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
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