In their increasingly desperate effort to resuscitate Joe Biden's sagging campaign, his defenders claim…
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Image of the Day: Biden Stock Market Boom? Well...

In their increasingly desperate effort to resuscitate Joe Biden's sagging campaign, his defenders claim that stock markets vindicate "Bidenomics" (not that they call it that anymore, of course) vis-a-vis former President Donald Trump.  Well, our friends at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity show what happens when you adjust stock performance to account for out-of-control inflation under Biden:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="584"] "Biden Boom?" Not So Much.[/caption]


July 18, 2024 • 11:02 AM

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Thursday, December 02 2010

A California man sued a Montana Guide Service after he was "slapped by a bear."
Virgil Massey of Barstow, Calif., sued the Church Universal and Triumphant and Montana Guide Service in 6th District Court.  Massey claims that while on a 2007 hunting trip on the religious group's land, a guide left him on a ridge top to watch for elk while the guide accompanied a second hunter to a deer he had killed about 400 yards away.  On his way back to Massey, the guide heard a gunshot, then found Massey on the ground and injured.  Massey told him he had been "slapped by a bear."
In court documents, Massey alleges the outfitter did not give him proper training on how to deal with bears or provide him with pepper spray or a handgun for protection. Massey is suing for past and future medical expenses as well as other damages.
According to news reports, it does not appear the State of Montana requires licensed Montana guides and outfitters to have any special training about bear encounters or how to use firearms for self-defense against bears.

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"They didn't soulfully consider Joe Biden's marked decline and decide, for the good of him, his party and the country, that he had to step down.They lied, and they got caught.The Democratic Party line on President Biden was that he had turned in an exceptionally effective State of the Union address. He might mess up a name here or there, but he had gotten better with age.He should be judged on his…[more]
— Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review
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