Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare…
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Gallup Poll Shows Americans' Views on U.S. Healthcare Quality Turned Downward with ObamaCare and More Government Control

Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare Quality," but what's perhaps most notable is when the distinctive downturn began -- as ObamaCare took effect and government control over our healthcare increased significantly:



January 31, 2023 • 04:20 PM

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Coalition Urges FCC to Revise Pole Attachment Rules to Help Spur Rural Broadband Deployment Print E-mail
Monday, June 27 2022

Today, a coalition of free-market organizations, led by the Center for Individual Freedom, filed comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s ("FCC") Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise its pole attachment rules.

Specifically, the comments urge the FCC to revise its pole attachment rules to spur rural broadband deployment by clarifying the cost-sharing requirements for pole replacements, ensuring prompt review of pole attachment applications, and creating an expedited process to review pole attachment disputes, especially in rural unserved areas.

The following organizations are represented on the comments:  Center for Individual Freedom, Citizens Against Government Waste, Consumer Action for a Strong Economy, Innovation Economy Institute, Institute for Liberty, Institute for Policy Innovation, Institute for Regulatory Analysis and Engagement, Less Government, Market Institute, and National Taxpayers Union.

Read the Comments Here (PDF)


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"Florida Democrats are scrambling to claw their way back from the brink of irrelevance after an unsparingly brutal midterm election cycle that saw some of the last vestiges of the party's power in the Sunshine State slip away.Their challenges are steep. The Florida Democratic Party, now without a chair, has been mired in financial and organizational struggles for years. Republicans now hold supermajorities…[more]
— Max Greenwood and Amie Parnes, The Hill
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