More phenomenal news from Gallup.  Consumer spending accounts for approximately two-thirds of the U…
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Image of the Day: More Fantastic News from Gallup - Economic Confidence Highest Since 2000

More phenomenal news from Gallup.  Consumer spending accounts for approximately two-thirds of the U.S. economy, and economic confidence has now reached its highest point since 2000, when the mainstream media couldn't stop talking about how great things were.  Thank you, deregulation and tax cuts.

. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="720"] Thank You, Tax Cuts and Deregulation[/caption]


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January 24, 2020 • 12:34 pm

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Notable Quotes
On Day One of the Televised Impeachment Hearings:

"Is that it? Is that all they got?

"Day One of impeachment was not exactly must see TV. Sure, it was interesting and substantive at times, which would be compliments if this were a graduate school seminar about the lonely lives and confusing experiences of far-flung diplomats.

"But this was a congressional hearing to determine whether to file charges against and ultimately remove the president of the United States. By that standard, the Adam Schiff show was a flop.

"I would call it a sensational flop, except that would suggest a sense of drama the day never produced. A five-hour slog that doesn't hit pay dirt or end up anywhere meaningful can't be sensational.

"The Schiff show was more of a quiet, methodical flop. Imagine a slow leak in a big balloon and you'll get the picture."

Read entire article here.

— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Posted November 14, 2019 • 08:03 am
On Fundraising Through Whistleblowing:

"EXCLUSIVE: A newly filed complaint to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) alleges that the whistleblower whose allegations touched off House Democrats' impeachment inquiry may have violated federal law by indirectly soliciting more than a quarter-million dollars from mostly anonymous sources via a GoFundMe page.

"The complaint, which was filed last week and obtained by Fox News, alleged the donations from roughly 6,000 individuals 'clearly constitute' gifts to a current intelligence official that may be restricted because of the employee's official position pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.203 and other statutes. To date, the GoFundMe has raised over $227,000. ...

"Tully Rinckey PLLC, the law firm representing the individual reporting the allegations, is closely guarding the identity of their client, though Fox News is told the individual is the holder of a top-secret SCI security clearance and has served in government.

"'I have not seen anything on this scale,' Anthony Gallo, the managing partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC, told Fox News, referring to the fundraising. 'It's not about politics for my client -- it's whistleblower-on-whistleblower, and [my client's] only interest is to see the government ethics rules are being complied with government-wide.'"

Read entire article here.

— Gregg Re, Fox News
— Gregg Re, Fox News
Posted November 13, 2019 • 07:32 am
On Impeachment Inquiry Questions:

"Joe Biden needs to explain why his threats to withhold aid to Ukraine, about which he publicly boasted, were legitimate, while Trump's were somehow an impeachable offense. He should also be asked what should be done to stop others from behaving as corruptly as his son did.

"Any president has the right to ask questions about American involvement in corrupt acts abroad. That's true -- even if Joe Biden was innocent of wrongdoing and if Hunter is only guilty of being a lame grifter.

"Asking Biden about Obama's use of aid as leverage to get its way in Ukraine puts Trump's actions into context. Nor is it irrelevant to point out that Obama's assistance fell far short of what Kiev needed to defend its territory against Moscow's aggression. It matters that it was only after Trump took office that lethal military supplies began to flow from Washington to Kiev.

"You also don't have to approve of Trump to understand that American administrations use aid to pressure foreign countries all the time and do so for a variety of reasons, not all of which are high-minded.

"Merely asking these questions undermines the entire notion that Trump has committed an impeachable offense."

Read entire article here.

— Jonathan Tobin, Editor-in-Chief
— Jonathan Tobin, Editor-in-Chief
Posted November 12, 2019 • 08:12 am
On Pursuing Impeachment at the Expense of Governing:

"Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) doubled down on his defense of President Trump amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry, arguing there's 'nothing there' in the call between Trump and Ukrainian leaders to suggest the president did anything wrong.

"'You make your mind up about the phone call. I made my mind up. There's nothing there,' Graham said in an interview Saturday with KCCI, a Des Moines CBS affiliate.

"'I'm trying to let the House know, "You're dividing America for no good reason." We got a lot of things we should be doing, like lowering drug costs and getting a trade deal with Canada and Mexico,' he added."

— Rebecca Klar, The Hill
— Rebecca Klar, The Hill
Posted November 11, 2019 • 07:45 am
On Top Anti-Trump Witness Not Being Present During POTUS Call With Ukraine:

"A key Democratic witness against Trump admitted in congressional testimony last month that he was not part of the July 25 phone call between the U.S. and Ukrainian presidents, that he didn't see a transcript or readout of it until late September when it was declassified and released, and that he has never even spoken to President Donald Trump.

"William Taylor, the charge d'affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, told lawmakers in secret testimony two weeks ago that his opinions about an alleged quid pro quo demanded by Trump were formed largely from conversations with anti-Trump staffers within the diplomatic bureaucracy."

Read entire article here.

— Sean Davis, The Federalist Co-Founder
— Sean Davis, The Federalist Co-Founder
Posted November 08, 2019 • 07:40 am
On Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare for All':

"The bad news is, Elizabeth Warren has some barmy ideas about raising your taxes. The good news is, she's a proven coward. She says she likes to 'nerd out' on the policy details. Okay, let's do that.

"Warren estimates that her health-care scheme would cost about $2 trillion -- every year, forever. As often is the case when we are talking about the federal budget, the numbers sound incomprehensible to many people: millions, billions, trillions, squidillions, whatever. To put that $2 trillion a year into perspective, a comparison: That is more money than the federal government collects annually in all of the personal and corporate income taxes combined. Put another way, even if the federal government were able to successfully double the revenue it gets from personal and corporate income taxes, the additional revenue would not pay for Warren's health-care plan.

"In fiscal year 2019, all federal tax revenue from all sources combined amounted to $3.4 trillion. If a Warren administration and a Democratic Congress were successful in raising Americans' taxes by 50 percent, the extra revenue still wouldn't be enough to fund Warren's health-care program.

"And that does not take into account the rest of the fiscal scene, which is pretty grim. While Warren talks about Medicare for All, as it is the unfunded liability of Medicare over the next 75 years already tops $42 trillion, or just over twelve years' worth of total federal tax revenue. Put another way: If the federal government continued collecting taxes at the current rate, stopped spending even a nickel on anything else, and put all of that money into Medicare, it would have to do so for twelve years just in order to cover the difference between what Medicare already has promised to pay out and what dedicated Medicare taxes will actually fund. ...

"There is only one reason that Elizabeth Warren would proceed in this manner: She thinks her voters are stupid.

"There isn't any obvious reason to think she's wrong about that."

— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
Posted November 07, 2019 • 07:30 am
On the Deaths of Dual U.S.-Mexico Citizen Family:

"President Trump said Tuesday the U.S. is ready to 'wage war' on the drug cartels and 'wipe them off the face of the earth' after at least 10 members of a prominent Mormon family were killed in an ambush attack near U.S.-Mexico border.

"In a series of tweets, Trump said the U.S. was willing to aid Mexico in 'cleaning out these monsters' and that 'sometimes you need an army to defeat an army.'

"'We merely await a call from your great new president!' he said. ...

"The offer for the U.S. military to intervene in Mexico's internal affairs -- a third rail in Mexican politics -- rattled an already-unsettled security apparatus."

— Rebecca Klar, The Hill
— Rebecca Klar, The Hill
Posted November 06, 2019 • 07:41 am
On Warren Reportedly Hurting Dem's Senate Fundraising:

"Several Wall Street Democratic megadonors are reportedly withholding donations for down-ballot Senate candidates due to their dissatisfaction with presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's rise in the polls.

"CNBC reports the Massachusetts senator's rise is hurting the party's fundraising efforts. 'Some finance executives have recently told Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that they are, for the moment, holding back from donating to Democrats running for Senate in 2020,' the report says, 'due to their concerns with Warren becoming a front-runner in the race for the party's presidential nomination.'

"Warren has steadily climbed in the RealClearPolitics average of Democratic primary polls from a distant fifth in April to a close second in November, including a brief moment in October when she supplanted former vice president Joe Biden as the frontrunner."

— Alex Griswold, Washington Free Beacon
— Alex Griswold, Washington Free Beacon
Posted November 05, 2019 • 07:42 am
On the Left Getting Trump Economy Wrong Again:

"Democrats and the mainstream media keep underestimating the Trump boom. At this point, it's beginning to seem more like defensiveness than wishful thinking.

"Again and again, the experts get it wrong. Not unlike the political commentators who have been wishfully predicting 'the end of Trump' for the past four years, economic naysayers have been telling us that a 'Trump recession' is just around the corner. Clearly, it's not. ...

"Following dire predictions of a recession (two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth), preliminary numbers put third quarter GDP growth at 1.9 percent, 0.3 percentage points higher than the estimate from a Dow Jones poll of economists and roughly on par with growth in the previous quarter.

"The biggest factor the experts overlooked was consumer spending, which grew by an impressive 3.9 percent. Ordinary Americans, it seems, have the confidence in the Trump economy that the experts lack.

"On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed this confidence when it reported that the economy added 128,000 jobs in October. That helped keep the unemployment rate near a 50-year low of 3.6 percent in October, a negligible uptick from the 3.5 percent figure in September and despite the negative impact of 46,000 GM jobs lost due to the 40-day union strike (those jobs will be back in November). And, by the way, the jobs numbers for August and September were revised upward by an additional 95,000 jobs.

"The October data proves yet again that Trump is still presiding over the strongest jobs market since the 1960s. The high demand for workers is also driving the fastest wage increases in many years. Average hourly earnings are up 3 percent over the past 12 months, reaching $28.18 per hour. Yearly wage growth has now been at or above 3 percent for 15 consecutive months. That means real money for American workers."

Read entire article here.

— Andy Puzder, Esq., Author, Economic Commentator, Former U.S. Labor Secretary Nominee and Former CKE Restaurants CEO
— Andy Puzder, Esq., Author, Economic Commentator, Former U.S. Labor Secretary Nominee and Former CKE Restaurants CEO
Posted November 04, 2019 • 08:01 am
On the House Resolution to Formalize the Impeachment Inquiry:

"Another day, another giant step on the road to ruin. Either Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind or she really wants to dig America's grave.

"The vote to formalize the impeachment jihad is a great day for Trump haters and a tragedy for democracy and common sense. Coming a year before an election and without a compelling claim that the president committed anything remotely resembling 'high crimes and misdemeanors,' the action is an abuse of power for purely partisan purposes. ...

"Granted, Trump is not your ordinary president and there are few norms he hasn't shattered. But it remains a fact that his greatest sin was defeating Hillary Clinton and smashing the legacy of Barack Obama.

"For that, he must be destroyed. And if America goes down with him, that's fine with the far-left crazies. They never liked the country anyway."

— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Posted November 01, 2019 • 07:36 am
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"At least two of the FBI's surveillance applications to secretly monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page lacked probable cause, according to a newly declassified summary of a Justice Department assessment released Thursday by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).The DOJ's admission essentially means that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant authorizations…[more]
—Gregg Re and Brooke Singman, FOX News
— Gregg Re and Brooke Singman, FOX News
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