CFIF has long championed greater fairness for recording artists and protection of intellectual property…
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CFIF Strongly Opposes Senator Ron Wyden's "ACCESS to Sound Recordings" Act

CFIF has long championed greater fairness for recording artists and protection of intellectual property (IP) rights in the music industry.   Among other problems, current law generally protects recording artists' rights for post-1972 songs, but not pre-1972 classics:

. Under byzantine laws, artists receive just compensation whenever their post-1972 recordings are played, but in many cases not for their pre-1972 recordings.  That's an indefensible and arbitrary artifact that has persisted far too long.  Why should Neil Diamond receive payment whenever 'America' is played, but not classics like 'Solitary Man?'

Fortunately, the opportunity to correct that unfairness has arrived.  Even better, legislation to correct the existing flawed system arrives alongside other music legislation…[more]

June 18, 2018 • 11:43 pm

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Home Press Room CFIF Condemns Racist Attacks and Threats Against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
CFIF Condemns Racist Attacks and Threats Against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Print
Tuesday, November 28 2017

 ALEXANDRIA, VA - Center for Individual Freedom ("CFIF") President Jeffrey Mazzella issued the following statement regarding the onslaught of racist attacks and violent threats against Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai and his family: 
"We at CFIF condemn in the harshest and most unequivocal terms the recent attacks against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his family.  Regardless of one's opinion regarding the substantive policy decisions championed by Chairman Pai to return federal internet regulation to the light-touch approach that prevailed for two decades through the Clinton and Bush administrations, which CFIF supports, there is simply no place in a civilized society for the racist attacks and threats of violence against him and his family. 
"Since becoming Chairman of the FCC, Pai and his family have suffered such injustices as trespassers photographing the inside of their home.  These latest threats and racist attacks, however, mark an obviously disturbing escalation of the transgressions against him and his family.  Even Chairman Pai's children have been threatened.   
"Such behavior must not be tolerated, and CFIF calls upon all Americans, regardless of political or policy persuasion, to condemn this escalation."  


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—Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News
— Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News
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