It's difficult to say they haven't earned it:  When it comes to public trust in media, the U.S. stands…
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Image of the Day: U.S. Public Trust in Media Lowest in the World

It's difficult to say they haven't earned it:  When it comes to public trust in media, the U.S. stands lower than any other nation:

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May 30, 2023 • 04:59 PM

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Jester's Courtroom Legal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts
Notable Quotes
On District Attorney Alvin Bragg's Indictment of Donald Trump:

"There is no justice system anymore. There is only a legal system. And it's corrupt.

That is the tempting conclusion to be drawn from the unsealed indictment of Donald Trump on Tuesday by a Manhattan grand jury. District Attorney Alvin Bragg seeks to bend statutes beyond their limits and stretch alleged facts beyond reason. This constitutes prosecutorial abuse in a brazen attempt to weaponize the law and criminalize politics.

The law is not a rubber band that can be manipulated at will. There are restraints and boundaries. Fidelity to established rules of fairness and equity necessitates restraint. Bragg ignores all that."

Read the entire article here.

— Gregg Jarrett, Former Defense Attorney and Adjunct Law Professor and Currently a Fox News Legal Analyst
— Gregg Jarrett, Former Defense Attorney and Adjunct Law Professor and Currently a Fox News Legal Analyst
Posted April 05, 2023 • 07:55 AM
Reporting On Opposition to Julie Su, President Biden's Nominee to be Labor Secretary:

"Small business owners, contract workers, freelancers and franchisees have kicked off a nationwide push to derail President Biden's nominee to head the Labor Department, beginning with a six-figure ad campaign in states where vulnerable Democratic senators are up for re-election in 2024.

"The 'Stand Against Su' is a coalition launched on Monday as the Senate prepares to consider Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su's potential appointment to formally lead the department. Her critics cite her support for tightening employment regulations in California when she ran the state's main labor agency, which they say makes her an enemy of both companies and employees.

"'Simply put, Julie Su is anti-worker,' the coalition said in a letter being circulated in an effort to drum up opposition to the nomination. 'Her promotion to Secretary of Labor would cripple small business and eliminate job opportunities for millions of hard-working Americans.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Elizabeth Elkind, Fox News
— Elizabeth Elkind, Fox News
Posted April 04, 2023 • 08:14 AM
Reporting on Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's Reaction to the Indictment of Donald Trump:

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that a Manhattan grand jury's decision to indict former President Donald Trump during his third bid for the White House is 'very political' and 'not a matter of justice.'

"Bush, who challenged Trump for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, noted in a tweet that Trump was indicted on case that other prosecutors refused to move forward with before Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office revived it recently.

"'Bragg's predecessor didn't take up the case. The Justice Department didn't take up the case. Bragg first said he would not take up the case. This is very political, not a matter of justice,' Bush, the second son of former President George H.W. Bush wrote in a tweet.

"'In this case, let the jury be the voters,' he added."

Read the entire article here.

— Kyle Morris, Fox News
— Kyle Morris, Fox News
Posted April 03, 2023 • 07:54 AM
On the Biden Administration's Plan to Regulate Air Conditioners:

"Is there a war on appliances? Or is it a war on you?

"I'd tell you to keep your cool, but that's going to be hard when Team Biden takes away your air conditioner. ...

"Many readers will remember the Biden team's recent abortive effort to regulate gas stoves largely out of existence. ...

"Before that, the Energy Department had nixed Trump-era regulatory reforms designed to allow 'quick' dishwashers, as well as similarly improved washers and dryers. ...

"Now, in the latest episode of Team Biden's 'war on appliances,' the Energy Department has turned its attention to air conditioners, specifically room air conditioners of the sort used disproportionately by poor people, minorities and the elderly to keep cool in summer heat.

"New energy-efficiency regulations promise to make these units more expensive for consumers and potentially less reliable and less effective at, you know, actually cooling things off."

Read the entire article here.

— Glenn Reynolds, Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee and Founder of
— Glenn Reynolds, Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee and Founder of
Posted March 31, 2023 • 07:16 AM
On the Debt Ceiling and the Biden Administration's 'Policy and Political Malpractice' Regarding Implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act:

"America is fast approaching another needless emergency -- the raising of the national debt ceiling. This impending crisis isn't an accident but a result of the inaction of various actors who refuse to confront fiscal reality, sit down, negotiate and make hard decisions for the sake of our nation's future. While all parties have a responsibility to negotiate in good faith, recent actions make clear to me that the Biden administration is determined to pursue an ideological agenda rather than confront the clear and present danger that debts and deficits pose to our nation.

"Our national debt stands at nearly $31.5 trillion, or close to $95,000 for every man, woman and child, and represents 120% of our gross domestic product. Annual budgetary deficits have averaged $2.71 trillion since October 2019. Since Covid-19 began, we have added more than $8 trillion to the national debt. Despite explicit direction from Congress to pay down our debt in the Inflation Reduction Act, the administration seems more determined than ever to pervert that law and abuse existing authorities to increase spending.

"When President Biden and I spoke before Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act last summer, we agreed that the bill was designed to pay down our national debt and shore up America's energy security. ... Yet instead of implementing the law as intended, unelected ideologues, bureaucrats and appointees seem determined to violate and subvert the law to advance a partisan agenda that ignores both energy and fiscal security. Specifically, they are ignoring the law's intent to support and expand fossil energy and are redefining 'domestic energy' to increase clean-energy spending to potentially deficit-breaking levels. The administration is attempting at every turn to implement the bill it wanted, not the bill Congress actually passed. Ignoring the debt and deficit implications of these actions as the time nears to raise the debt ceiling isn't only wrong, it's policy and political malpractice."

Read the entire article here.

— Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)
— Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)
Posted March 30, 2023 • 08:24 AM
On the IRS Visit to Journalist Matt Taibbi's Home on the Same Day He Testified Before Congress:

"Journalist Matt Taibbi testified March 9 before a congressional committee on the vast federally funded 'censorship-industrial complex' the Twitter Files exposed.

"That same day, an IRS agent swooped down on his New Jersey home.

"Maybe the timing of that IRS visit was a coincidence, like someone who forgets to take off his ski mask before entering a bank.

"The IRS agent ordered Taibbi to contact the agency regarding his tax returns from two prior years.

"House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is outraged and sent a letter Tuesday demanding information from the Biden administration since 'the IRS's action could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress.'

"Regardless of whether the untimely IRS visit to Taibbi's home was moronic or malicious, the power to tax has long conferred the power to destroy political opponents."

Read the entire article here.

— James Bovard, Author and Member of the USA Today Board of Contributors
— James Bovard, Author and Member of the USA Today Board of Contributors
Posted March 29, 2023 • 07:56 AM
On the Decline of Free Speech on College Campuses and Its Spread to Broader Society:

"Societies advance through the creation, expression, and evaluation of alternative ideas. Therefore, for almost a millennium, we have had universities where ideas and discoveries are born and different perspectives are debated in 'marketplaces of ideas' or 'learning communities.' Yet there has been a decline in rational, reasonable discourse on issues of the day on modern campuses. This has been demonstrated by numerous suppressions of speakers, including one recently -- and most shockingly -- at the Stanford Law School, where a federal judge, Stuart Kyle Duncan, was prevented from speaking by a student protest, aided and abetted by the law school's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) dean.

"The university's own administration was helping to lead the suppression of speech and ideas. It is incidents like this one that have made members of university communities afraid to express themselves, fearing potential negative outcomes (e.g., insults, attacks on character, possible physical attack, or efforts to dismiss) from individuals opposed to their viewpoints. Hence, expressed viewpoint diversity is on a notable decline. We are moving at least partway in the direction of universities in 20th-century totalitarian societies like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. And this movement has spread to the broader society.

"Individuals are increasingly engaging in self-censorship -- the consequences of using an inappropriate word become too costly, so we muzzle our expression."

Read the entire aricle here.

— Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus at Ohio University and Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute
— Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus at Ohio University and Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute
Posted March 28, 2023 • 08:27 AM
On the American People's Perception of the U.S. Economy and Causes for Its Troubles:

"The American Dream is at risk of death, thanks to decades of terrible economic policy and social engineering from the left.

"A new Wall Street Journal-NORC survey tells the tale: 80% say the nation's economy is poor or not so good; 47% see it getting even worse over the next year.

"And 44% disagree that people like them and their families have a 'good chance' of bettering their living standards, while 78% are 'not confident' that their children's lives will be better than their own -- the highest level since NORC began the poll in 1990.

"The proximate causes are clear. Ever since President Joe Biden took office, he and his allies have at every turn adopted policies designed to wreck the economic lives of average Americans and laughed off the consequences."

Read the entire article here.

— New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
Posted March 27, 2023 • 07:49 AM
On President Joe Biden's Tax Hike Wish List:

"The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank has grabbed the headlines, obscuring one of the most significant events of the year: the list of President Joe Biden's tax increases inside his 'budget.' ... So what is on President Biden's tax hike wish list?

"The highest personal income tax rate since 1986. ...

"The highest capital gains tax since Jimmy Carter. To a rate twice as high as Communist China. ...

"A corporate income tax hike to 28% from the current 21%. Higher than China's 25%. ...

"An unconstitutional wealth tax on 'unrealized gains.' ...

"Quadruped Tax on Stock Buybacks: a tax on your IRA or 401K. ...

"President Biden will try to assert that some of these taxes hit only the rich or large businesses. In speeches he does not finish the sentence. If he spoke honestly, the full sentence would be, 'I will tax the rich ... first. Then you.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
— Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
Posted March 23, 2023 • 08:39 AM
On the Federal Government's Seemingly Implicit Guarantee of Uninsured Bank Deposits:

"Financial regulators have ignored their post-2008 rule book to contain the latest banking panic. And on Tuesday Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tore it up by announcing a de facto guarantee of all $17.6 trillion in U.S. bank deposits. Regional bank stocks rallied, but it's important to understand what this moment means: the end of market discipline in U.S. banking. ...

"Letting uninsured depositors at SVB and Signature take a modest haircut would have provided useful market discipline. The Administration is doing the opposite. It's creating moral hazard that will seed future trouble by encouraging more risky behavior by bank management and reducing caution among depositors, investors and creditors.

"The Administration is presenting its intervention as a one-off. But once regulators do something, they create the market expectation that they will do it again. And if they don't, the ensuing market panic will invariably impel them. Biden officials are crossing a Rubicon here, and they're doing it essentially by fiat without approval by Congress."

Read the entire article here.

— Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
— Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
Posted March 22, 2023 • 07:53 AM
Notable Quote   
"The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt another setback to organized labor by making it easier for employers to sue over strikes that cause property destruction in a ruling siding with a concrete business in Washington state that sued the union representing its truck drivers after a work stoppage.The 8-1 decision overturned a lower court's ruling that said the lawsuit filed by Glacier Northwest…[more]
— John Kruzel, Reuters
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