In this week's Liberty Update we highlight the potentially catastrophic threat of H.R. 3, the healthcare…
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Quote of the Day: WSJ on H.R. 3, Biden & Pelosi's Dangerous Healthcare Bill

In this week's Liberty Update we highlight the potentially catastrophic threat of H.R. 3, the healthcare and drug price control bill that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are attempting to rush through Congress.  The Wall Street Journal helpfully offers further insight this morning on how H.R. 3 would threaten lifesaving U.S. pharmaceutical innovation and leadership, including on things like the Covid vaccines:


Companies that refuse the government’s price must pay a 95% excise tax on all revenue they generate from that drug in the U.S.  They’d also have to offer the government price to private insurers.  There’s no “negotiation” when a gun is pointed at your head.  A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that drug spending in the U.S…[more]

September 17, 2021 • 12:55 PM

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Notable Quotes
On Texas Democrats Fleeing the State:

"Why do Texas Democrats think fleeing the state to cripple the legislature will highlight the issue of 'voting rights'? What about the rights of Texas voters who elected Republicans to an 83-67 majority in TX House? Unlike the situation in US Senate, that's an actual majority."

— Tweet from Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner
— Tweet from Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner
Posted July 13, 2021 • 12:49 PM
On the American Federation of Teachers and Its Boss Randi Weingarten's Exploitation of the COVID-19 Pandemic to Keep Schools Closed:

"If your child didn't attend school regularly last year, Randi Weingarten is likely the reason why.

"No wonder why the American Federation of Teachers boss has launched a soft-focus rehabilitation campaign in the media. Her p.r. people are working overtime to make us forget that no single public actor has done more to hurt kids, and education overall, in the last year. ...

"It's gaslighting, and the record must be set straight. ...

"Weingarten should be held and remembered in odium: a craven, bureaucratic monster who did everything within her power to keep schools closed -- science, and kids, be damned."

Read the entire article here.

— Karol Markowicz, New York Post
— Karol Markowicz, New York Post
Posted July 12, 2021 • 12:03 PM
On the Contrast Between California and Florida:

"Thanks to the blessings of decentralization, life can vary greatly in America depending on where you sit. Those differences are growing into a chasm of philosophical and practical contrasts between two basic models for the American future. Call them the California way and the Florida way.

"On many critical questions facing our culture, our economy and our society, California and Florida offer radically different answers. ...

"Florida is America's freest state, according to a Cato Institute survey: No. 1 in fiscal freedom, No. 1 in educational freedom. Cato dubs California one of the least free states and flat out dubs it 'the most cronyist state in the union,' meaning government and its chosen allies work to milk the public purse for all they can. ...

"A 2016 survey gave Florida a grade of 'A' for providing online access to how it spends its taxpayer dollars; California got an 'F' and was the worst-scoring state."

Read the entire article here.

— Kyle Smith, New York Post
— Kyle Smith, New York Post
Posted July 09, 2021 • 01:52 PM
On the Media's Coverage of President Joe Biden:

"If you're a conservative, you probably find the 'What flavor ice cream are you eating today, Mr. President?' coverage of this presidency irritating. But if you're a progressive who expected Biden to go to work to enact your priorities, you must find the fluff coverage infuriating. Every day that Biden's most-covered comment is about chocolate-chip ice cream is another day that his most-covered comment is not about building support for any particular legislative proposal. ...

"In other news, today, President Biden will visit McHenry County College in Illinois to talk up his bipartisan infrastructure proposal. He is expected to visit an ice-cream shop."

— Jim Geraghty, Senior Political Correspondent of National Review
— Jim Geraghty, Senior Political Correspondent of National Review
Posted July 08, 2021 • 03:02 PM
On the "Web of Conflicts" at President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency:

"The revolving door between climate change special interests and the Biden Environmental Protection Agency has swung open so often in recent months that the agency is being forced to grant an ethics waiver to one of its politically appointed lawyers allowing her to participate in cases involving a former client.

"The reason? The other political appointees in the EPA office of general counsel (OGC) already have conflicts of interests that forced recusals, leaving the agency without someone to provide legal advice to the administration, according to new government memos unearthed by the citizen watchdog group Protect the Public's Trust.

"The limited conflict of interest waiver allows EPA Deputy General Counsel Marianne Engelman-Lado to participate in decisions involving one of her former environmental group clients, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)."

Read the entire article here.

— John Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News
— John Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News
Posted July 07, 2021 • 01:54 PM
On the U.S. Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Americans for Prosperity v. Bonta and the Importance of Donor Privacy and Anonymity:

"Anonymity, in ordinary times, is a tough topic to wrestle with. These days, however, it's easy: Dissent, and thus democracy, will only survive in today's culture if anonymity is preserved.

"That's why the Supreme Court's 6-3 decision striking down California's donor-disclosure law was correct and crucial.

"In Americans For Prosperity v. Bonta, the court struck down California's law requiring all charities and other nonprofit organizations to disclose their donors. California, in defending its law, was in effect trying to demolish the precedent set in NAACP v. Alabama, in which the court barred Alabama from requiring the NAACP to disclose all of its members.

"Freedom of association is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. Supreme Court jurisprudence holds that if a government wants to regulate it, the government needs a compelling interest, and the regulation needs to be narrowly tailored. California's law clearly didn't meet these standards."

— The Editors, Washington Examiner
— The Editors, Washington Examiner
Posted July 06, 2021 • 01:21 PM
On Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Independence Day:

"Happy Independence Day! Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend!"

— The Staff of CFIF
— The Staff of CFIF
Posted July 02, 2021 • 07:25 AM
On the National Debt and the Impacts of President Biden's Big Government Spending Policies:

"While Washington, D.C., continually talks about new, additional spending, the question we should be asking is, how do we even pay for old spending? The interest alone on what we already owe is unprecedented beyond reason. While it would be nice to see interest rates stay low forever, they won't.

"As the Biden administration blankets America with 'free' money, federalized infrastructure projects and promises to create irreversible new entitlement programs, it's time Americans understood just how much that free money is going to cost them. ...

"Nobody wants to talk about the tradeoffs associated with a $28 trillion debt. But at today's rock bottom interest rates, we've been spending close to $400 billion a year in interest on our debt. In April and May this year, we paid more than $1.5 billion EACH DAY and the numbers are rising.

"As economic conditions point to potentially rising interest rates, no one wants to consider what happens to those debt payments. Just as your mortgage payment can go up by a few hundred dollars with each 1% increase in rates, the payments on $28 trillion also go up fast. And at this point, interest rates have nowhere to go but up.

"Think about this: a 1% increase in interest rates would leave us spending more on interest than we spend on Medicare in a year, according to data from the Committee for a Responsible Budget (CRB). A 2% increase takes our interest payments up above $750 billion a year. And a 3% increase, which is well within the realm of possibility, would leave us spending almost as much on interest as we spend on Social Security in a year."

Read the entire article here.

— Jason Chaffetz, Fox News contributor, Distinguished Fellow for the Government Accountability Institute, Former Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
— Jason Chaffetz, Fox News contributor, Distinguished Fellow for the Government Accountability Institute, Former Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Posted July 01, 2021 • 01:51 PM
On NYC's Ranked-Choice Voting System SNAFU:

"NEW YORK -- The New York City Board of Elections accidentally included results from a mock trial of the city's new ranked-choice voting system in unofficial primary returns released Tuesday -- a snafu that threw the election process into chaos.

Tallies released Tuesday afternoon indicated that Kathryn Garcia had come within 2.2 points of leading Democratic candidate Eric Adams after ranked-choice tabulations were processed. But, shortly after the results were released, reporters and campaign staffers noticed there were roughly 135,000 more votes counted than those reported on election night.

Three hours after releasing the numbers, the Board of Elections issued a statement acknowledging a 'discrepancy' and subsequently took down the totals from their website.

After 10 p.m. Tuesday, the board finally came clean with a statement: The 'test' ballots were never cleared out of the tabulation system and thus added the additional votes into the total, skewing the numbers. The board said that it has removed all of the erroneous ballots from the count and will re-run the results -- though when the new rankings will be ready was still unclear."

— Joe Anuta and David Giambusso, POLITICO
— Joe Anuta and David Giambusso, POLITICO
Posted June 30, 2021 • 07:24 AM
On Who Is Running the Country:

"Chris Rock famously said, when Barack Obama was president, 'The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen.'

"Joe Biden, though, is the granddad of the country, and when you listen to Granddad, sometimes you wonder whether it's safe for him to be near a pair of scissors.

"No big deal, though; it's just that there's this guy who looks like he'd have trouble using Google Maps and he happens to be in charge of all the nukes. On the rare occasions when Biden's staff let him out of the dayroom to be seen on camera, pre-selected members of the press ask him the gentlest conceivable questions and then wind up cringing anyway as Biden gives one unnerving display after another."

Read entire article here.

— Kyle Smith, New York Post
— Kyle Smith, New York Post
Posted June 29, 2021 • 07:10 AM
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"US presidents rarely look to make waves with speeches to the annual United Nations General Assembly, but President Joe Biden's nearly 40-minute talk Tuesday actually challenged global leaders ... to stay awake.The world, Biden lectured, needs to 'act together.' This is a 'decisive decade.' We must work to prevent pandemics and fight climate change. 'We stand at an inflection point in history,' have…[more]
—New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
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