Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare…
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Gallup Poll Shows Americans' Views on U.S. Healthcare Quality Turned Downward with ObamaCare and More Government Control

Gallup just released a new survey summary under the sobering headline "Americans Sour on U.S. Healthcare Quality," but what's perhaps most notable is when the distinctive downturn began -- as ObamaCare took effect and government control over our healthcare increased significantly:



January 31, 2023 • 04:20 PM

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Notable Quotes
On Greenpeace and the Realities of Recycling Plastic:

"Even Greenpeace has finally acknowledged the truth: recycling plastic makes no sense.

"This has been obvious for decades to anyone who crunched the numbers, but the fantasy of recycling plastic proved irresistible to generations of environmentalists and politicians. They preached it to children, mandated it for adults, and bludgeoned municipalities and virtue-signaling corporations into wasting vast sums --probably hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide -- on an enterprise that has been harmful to the environment as well as to humanity.

"Now Greenpeace has seen the light, or at least a glimmer of rationality. The group has issued a report accompanied by a press release headlined, 'Plastic Recycling Is A Dead-End Street --Year After Year, Plastic Recycling Declines Even as Plastic Waste Increases.' The group's overall policy remains delusional -- the report proposes a far more harmful alternative to recycling -- but it's nonetheless encouraging to see environmentalists put aside their obsessions long enough to contemplate reality."

Read the entire article here.

— John Tierney, Contributing Editor to the Manhattan Institute's City Journal
— John Tierney, Contributing Editor to the Manhattan Institute's City Journal
Posted November 02, 2022 • 08:11 AM
Reporting On the Biden Administration's Partisan Voter Registration Efforts:

"Congressional investigators have obtained evidence that the Biden administration has launched a sprawling effort to use federally funded job training and food stamp programs to register new voters in Democrat-skewing demographic groups such as young adults and Native Americans, fueling concerns the federal government is placing a partisan thumb on the scales in the midterm elections.

"Part of the plan, spurred by a 2021 executive order by President Joe Biden, is captured in an eight-page memo that the Labor Department's Employment and Training Administration sent out in March to state and local officials responsible for providing training to workers in need of jobs.

"The memo explicitly authorizes states to use the American Job Center Network, a federally-funded job training program with more than 2,000 outlets nationwide, to facilitate voter registration among workers seeking its help, specifically targeting Native American, youth and farm workers."

Read the entire article here.

— John Solomon and Natalia Mittelstadt, Just the News
— John Solomon and Natalia Mittelstadt, Just the News
Posted November 01, 2022 • 08:04 AM
On Crime and Its Importance as an Issue to Voters:

"Crime has emerged as a big factor in this election. After inflation, voters say crime is the most important issue affecting their votes for Congress, placing it above immigration, abortion, and climate change.

"This is a problem for Democrats.

"Crime touches personal lives and cuts across demographic lines. About two-thirds of voters believe it's both a 'very important' problem (Economist poll) and a problem on the rise (Harvard-Harris poll). More blacks than whites see it as 'very important,' and majorities across partisan lines believe it's getting worse. Harvard-Harris also found that voters believe Democratic Party leaders rank crime low on their priority list, sixteenth to be exact. Moreover, 64% of voters blame 'woke politicians' for worsening crime. Even a majority of Democratic voters agree.

"Most relevant to the current election, the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that Republicans are beating Democrats on the crime issue by a meaningful 8 points among suburban women, a key voter group."

Read the entire article here.

— Ron Faucheux, Nonpartisan Political Analyst and Author
— Ron Faucheux, Nonpartisan Political Analyst and Author
Posted October 31, 2022 • 08:20 AM
Reporting on the Biden Administration's Proposed Employee Classification Rule:

"With legislation on employee classification still being considered in Congress, the Biden Administration has put forth its own version in a newly proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Labor.

"The regulation, similar to California's controversial AB 5, would reclassify worker status using a test.

"Many professions have sought and received AB 5 exemptions, others have fought it by legal action or voters casting ballots, and it seems very likely that the DOL rule will be challenged in the courts, Wayne Winegarden, senior fellow in business and economics at the Pacific Research Institute (PRI), said in an email response to the Northern California Record.

"'The proposed rule will take away opportunities, flexibility and independence from workers,' Winegarden said. 'Making matters worse, the burdensome new requirements will discourage companies from hiring and encourage them to replace workers with automation. It is an anti-worker, anti-growth regulation.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Sarah Downey, Northern California Record
— Sarah Downey, Northern California Record
Posted October 28, 2022 • 08:29 AM
On Inflation and the Fed:

"If you are under 60, you had never experienced this in your life.

"It's inflation.

"It haunted us in the 70s, but we banished it until today. It's far more pernicious than any tax, hitting lower income folks and seniors in their retirement, robbing them of their purchasing power and destroying their savings. It is visible almost everywhere, at the gas stations and the supermarkets. It is no surprise that the midterm elections and possibly even the next presidential election will turn on this one issue. ...

"Next week the Federal Reserve will again decide whether they will raise interest rates 0.75 percent or begin to moderate its policies. By the Fed's own estimates, their policies, if carried out will cost about 1.5 million Americans their jobs. An unelected body of economists will make the decision on whether to cost people jobs or save retirees' nest eggs. It's like chemotherapy for the economy -- it may work, but at a difficult cost."

Read the entire article here.

— Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO of Stagwell Inc. and Chairman of the Harris Poll
— Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO of Stagwell Inc. and Chairman of the Harris Poll
Posted October 27, 2022 • 08:12 AM
On Inflation:

"Inflation over the past seven months has hovered between 8% and 9%. These are the worst consumer-price-index numbers since the early 1980s. The last time there was an election with inflation this high, Ronald Reagan won a landslide against incumbent Jimmy Carter, and the Republicans won massive gains in Congress.

"Americans have good reason to worry about runaway prices of groceries, gas at the pump, health insurance and utility bills. The 'essentials' that all Americans have to buy every week are up closer to 15% to 30%. Inflation averaged just 2% during Trump's four years in office and only 1.5% the day Biden entered the Oval Office. The claim by the Biden White House last year that inflation was just a 'high-class problem' or was 'transitory' today sounds laughable. Even more out of touch was Biden's recent declaration that the economy is 'strong as hell.' Maybe that's true inside the bubble of recession-proof Washington, DC. But not so much in the rest of the country. ...

"I and others on these pages in recent weeks have pointed out that when you have roughly 8.5% inflation and less than 5.5% wage growth, the real take-home pay to workers has shrunk by about $4,000 for the average family in the last year. This is the Biden inflation tax -- the cruelest tax of all because it socks the poor and middle class right in the nose. Then on top of that you have the $30,000-plus reduction in the value of average 401(k) plans for tens of millions of Americans because the stock market has fallen in value and inflation is reducing the value of any small gains that Americans may have experienced in the last 20 months. ...

"Economists and business leaders are almost unanimously saying America is going to drive off the road into an economic ditch of recession. Hello! For most Americans we are already in a recession. The idea that things are expected to get worse is a hair-raising proposition for the half of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck."

Read the entire article here.

— Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Chief Economist at FreedomWorks
— Stephen Moore, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Chief Economist at FreedomWorks
Posted October 26, 2022 • 05:34 AM
Reporting On California's FAST Act:

"For Sanna Shere's father, buying and running his first Southern California Burger King more than 30 years ago was his entryway to the American Dream.

"The fast-food restaurant the Pakistani immigrant purchased was rundown and struggling. Shere said her dad, Kaiser Shere, invested every penny he had into the restaurant. 'It was really low volume, low performing. People thought he was crazy,' she said of her father.

"But his hard work paid off. The restaurant became one of the region's highest-volume Burger Kings, Sanna Shere said. A few years later, her dad bought a second location. Then he added a few more. When Shere moved back from New York a decade ago, she helped her dad and her brother grow the business to include 21 Burger Kings with close to 500 employees. ...

"That ability to grow has been stymied in recent years by increasingly stringent state regulations, and an increasing minimum wage that has sent the business's labor costs soaring. Now, the future of the Sheres' business is in jeopardy because of a new state law -- the so-called Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, or FAST Act -- that threatens to fast-track even more burdensome regulations and a large mandatory wage increase on the industry, and to upend franchise business models across the Golden State and possibly beyond. The measure, the latest in a long string of far-left policies implemented in the state, will make it harder for entrepreneurial Californians to buy and grow their own fast-food businesses. But its impacts will likely be felt in industries that have no connection to fast food.

"Assembly Bill 257, narrowly approved by the California legislature on August 29, and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on Labor Day, allows for the creation of a new, ten-member, unelected Fast Food Council specifically to micromanage the state's fast-food industry. The council would have broad powers to impose new rules and regulations on thousands of fast-food and counter-service restaurants, including the ability to raise the minimum wage at most of California's fast-food restaurants next year from $15 to $22 an hour -- a nearly 50 percent jump, with cost-of-living adjustments each year after that."

Read the entire article here.

— Ryan Mills, National Review
— Ryan Mills, National Review
Posted October 25, 2022 • 06:03 AM
Reporting on Possible Conflicts of Interest for Stacey Abrams' Campaign Chairwoman:

"The voting rights organization founded by Stacey Abrams spent more than $25 million over two years on legal fees, mostly on a single case, with the largest amount going to the self-described boutique law firm of the candidate’s campaign chairwoman.

"Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Abrams' close friend who chaired her gubernatorial campaign both in 2018 and her current bid to unseat Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, is one of two named partners in Lawrence & Bundy, a small firm of fewer than two dozen attorneys.

"The firm received $9.4 million from Abrams' group, Fair Fight Action, in 2019 and 2020, the last years for which federal tax filings are available. Lawrence-Hardy declined to comment on how much her firm has collected from Fair Fight Action in 2021 and 2022 -- years in which Fair Fight Action v. Raffensperger, for which Lawrence-Hardy was lead counsel, had most of its courtroom activity.

"Fair Fight Action has maintained that the suit -- which ended last month when a federal judge ruled against the group on all three remaining claims -- served an important role in drawing attention to voting inequities. But some outside the group questioned both the level of expenditures devoted to a single, largely unsuccessful legal action and the fact that such a large payout went to the firm of Abrams' close friend and campaign chair. Those concerns were heightened by the fact that Abrams' national campaign against voter suppression galvanized the Democratic Party, many of whose top donors helped fill its coffers."

Read the entire article here.

— Brittany Gibson, Politico
— Brittany Gibson, Politico
Posted October 24, 2022 • 07:48 AM
Reporting on a Ruling by a Federal Appeals Court Finding that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Funding Mechanism is Unconstitutional:

"An appeals court on Wednesday ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's funding mechanism is unconstitutional, in a victory for lenders that have targeted the agency's structure in a years-long bid to tamp down regulation.

"A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the design of the CFPB violated the Constitution because it receives funding through the Federal Reserve, rather than appropriations legislation passed by Congress. ...

"The judges also vacated a 2017 small-dollar lending rule targeted by the payday lending advocates who brought the case -- the Community Financial Services Association of America and the Consumer Service Alliance of Texas.

"'Congress's decision to abdicate its appropriations power under the Constitution, i.e., to cede its power of the purse to the Bureau, violates the Constitution's structural separation of powers,' the judges wrote."

Read the entire article here.

— Katy O’Donnell, Politico
— Katy O’Donnell, Politico
Posted October 21, 2022 • 06:10 AM
On the Launch of the RealClearPolitics Polling Accountability Initiative:

"As a leader in political polling and election coverage for two decades, RealClearPolitics is announcing an initiative to improve public trust and confidence in political polling. ...

"There have been many news stories over the last several months questioning whether polling is broken in the United States. While there are certainly challenges in the polling industry, it is not entirely accurate to suggest polling is broken. There are many quality pollsters and media outlets that are doing excellent work in a constantly changing technological and political environment. However, there are also pollsters and news organizations that are doing less-than-stellar work and, unfortunately, many of the polls from these organizations receive a disproportionate amount of attention.

"To help address this problem, in the coming weeks RealClearPolitics will be rolling out a beta version ranking polling organizations. RCP will rank pollsters by their performance in recent elections, and will of course evaluate their performance in the 2022 mid-term election in just under a month. RCP's goal here is simple. Accuracy is the foundational bedrock of public trust. To that end we will be evaluating pollsters almost exclusively on one metric -- accuracy in reflecting the actual results."

Read the entire article here.

— RealClearPolitics
— RealClearPolitics
Posted October 20, 2022 • 06:43 AM
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"California's secretary of state just issued data that show the 2022 election was a mess.Why? Because of voting by mail.Indeed, this was California's first election that relied on the United States Postal Service to get the mission accomplished. In September 2021, Sacramento passed new legislation that said everyone registered to vote -- dead or alive -- is automatically sent a ballot in the mail,…[more]
— J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation
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