Confirming once again, as Americans witness the increasing lawlessness around them, that the 2nd Amendment…
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Confirming once again, as Americans witness the increasing lawlessness around them, that the 2nd Amendment isn't the anachronism that its antagonists believe:



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July 03, 2020 • 11:23 AM

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Wednesday, February 12 2014

San Diego is being sued because of the odor left behind by sea lions and birds.

According to a lawsuit filed by a group calling itself Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement, "foul, noxious and sickening odors" left by birds and sea lions defecating on the rocks next to La Jolla Cove is costing restaurants and hoteliers money. The stink offends the patrons of some of La Jolla's best known restaurants overlooking the cove and visitors to the famed La Valencia Hotel.  Recently, an entourage booked at two villas and six rooms at the La Valencia Hotel checked out after only 15 minutes on the property due to the odor. 

"That is over $5,000 in one day's rooms revenue that walked in and out of the La Valencia Hotel as a result of the noxious smell emanating from the cliffs," the lawsuit states.

The group is seeking a hearing in San Diego County Superior Court to demand that the city take down a fence that keeps people away from the rocks where the birds and mammals hang out. The lawsuit notes that if the fence was not there, people would walk onto the rocks and the animals would depart and defecate elsewhere. 

According to news sources, the problem has vexed city officials for two years. One problem is that federal law protects the marine mammals from being harassed.

"Litigation doesn't help these kinds of things," Acting-Mayor Todd Gloria told KFMB. "Frankly it's just another barrier to solving the problem that needs to be solved."


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