How much more in your monthly utility bill would you be happy to pay to combat global warming?  Probably…
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N.Y. Public Service Commission Chairwoman Offers Global Warming Rationalization for Taxpayer Subsidy Boondoggle

How much more in your monthly utility bill would you be happy to pay to combat global warming?  Probably not much, if anything.

Unfortunately, New York state residents are being lectured that they shouldn't have any choice.

That's the upshot of a festering crony capitalist utility boondoggle cooked up by state legislators in the name of global warming alarmism, as we at CFIF detailed earlier this month.

By way of refresher, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a new "Clean Energy Standard" (CES) last month, which requires that carbon-neutral sources account for at least 50% of energy generated in the state by the year 2030.  Making matters worse, CES provisions require power companies to buy Zero Emission Credits (ZECs) from a state government bureaucracy to benefit…[more]

September 22, 2016 • 08:24 pm

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On the Economics of Immigration:

"Immigration drains the government, sapping as much as $296 billion a year from federal, state and local taxpayers while depressing wages, at least in the short run, according to an authoritative study released Wednesday by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

The 500-page academic tome is supposed to be the final word about the fiscal and economic effects of mass immigration, and its findings challenge some long-held assumptions of Washington policymakers that immigration is an unqualified benefit.

The data show that immigrants take more in benefits than they pay in taxes. Although immigrants do boost the size of the economy, the gains are heavily skewed toward the immigrants themselves and to wealthy investors -- not to native-born workers who end up competing with the new arrivals. ...

The report also concludes that new arrivals aren't assimilating as well as past waves of immigrants. They struggle to learn English and to increase their wages at the rates of immigrants just a few decades ago."

— Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times
— Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times
Posted September 23, 2016 • 08:05 am
On Impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen:

"I do not usually go out of my way to publicly disagree with National Review editorials, but I respectfully dissent from our piece calling for the impeachment of IRS commissioner John Koskinen.

"He shouldn'€™t be impeached. He should be imprisoned. ...

"Every day this crime-enabling, justice-obstructing, lying, craven, tinpot totalitarian walks around in the sunshine is a day we should be ashamed to be Americans."

— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
Posted September 22, 2016 • 08:24 am
On EPA and Green Groups' Rules Collusion:

"A newly released cache of government emails offers more evidence of behind-the-scenes collusion between the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental groups in crafting greenhouse gas regulations, including an effort by one lobbyist to enlist the EPA in fundraising.

"The Energy & Environment Legal Institute issued a report Tuesday based on 492 communications obtained last week through open records requests, one week before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is scheduled to hear a challenge to the Obama administration's sweeping Clean Power Plan.

"The plan, a cornerstone of President Obama's effort to combat climate change, seeks to reduce by 32 percent emissions from coal-fired plants by 2020. Critics say the goal would force most plants to close and drive up electricity costs."

— Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times
— Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times
Posted September 21, 2016 • 07:51 am
On Middle East Migration Talks:

"During the last decade, according to the United Nations, the number of people fleeing wars around the world jumped from 37 million to 66 million -- most of them from the Mideast, and many flooding Europe.

European policymakers are at a loss for answers, and Syria's neighbors -- Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey -- are struggling to handle the inflow.

But not to worry. Obama's on the case. While at the UN assembly, he'll host world leaders in a conference on migration. They've already reached an understanding to talk about it further and may even, in two years or so, reach a global treaty (which will surely be too weak to make a dent in the growing problem).

It's a problem, so they'll talk about it, and talk about talking about it some more."

— Benny Avni, New York Post
— Benny Avni, New York Post
Posted September 20, 2016 • 08:16 am
On Shifting African-American Voter Support:

"Donald Trump is gaining support among African-American voters -- whose enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is eroding, a tracking poll released Saturday revealed.

"Trump saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.

"Meanwhile, the same poll showed Clinton's support among that group plummeting from 90.4 percent on Sept. 10 to 71.4 percent."

— Mary Kay Linge, New York Post
— Mary Kay Linge, New York Post
Posted September 19, 2016 • 07:59 am
On Getting Accurate Illegal Immigration Figures:

"Federal lawmakers seeking to pinpoint the number of illegal immigrants who successfully sneak across the southern border ordered up a report from the Department of Homeland Security, but the agency refuses to release it and instead cites a misleading statistic that overstates the number who are nabbed, sources told Fox News.

"DHS denied it is holding back the report, but sources say it was completed in November and that it shows roughly half of adults who attempt to cross the border make it -- approximately 250,000 in total.

"But that number is at odds with DHS' official estimates. The agency claims authorities catch 80 percent of adults trying to sneak in, but critics say the figure is padded to make it appear border security is more effective than it really is.

"'The Obama administration knows that the number of illegal aliens successfully getting across the Mexican border is 158 percent higher than they are telling people,' said John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, who assessed the statistics for Fox News. 'The administration has made fraudulent changes in the numbers to hide this.'"

— Malia Zimmerman,
— Malia Zimmerman,
Posted September 16, 2016 • 08:34 am
On Americans' Trust and Confidence in Fair Media Reporting:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media 'to report the news fully, accurately and fairly' has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.

"Gallup began asking this question in 1972, and on a yearly basis since 1997. Over the history of the entire trend, Americans' trust and confidence hit its highest point in 1976, at 72%, in the wake of widely lauded examples of investigative journalism regarding Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. After staying in the low to mid-50s through the late 1990s and into the early years of the new century, Americans' trust in the media has fallen slowly and steadily. It has consistently been below a majority level since 2007."

— Art Swift, Managing Editor
— Art Swift, Managing Editor
Posted September 15, 2016 • 12:37 pm
On Stonewalling at Congressional HRC Email Hearing:

"The House Government Oversight Committee subpoenaed three key figures in the Hillary Clinton email scandal to testify at a hearing Tuesday. Two declined to testify, citing their Fifth Amendment rights. A third refused to show up at all.

"One of those who took the Fifth was Paul Combetta, a technician at Platte River Networks, the company that handled Clinton's email system. Combetta is the man who actually deleted Clinton's email archives in March 2015, using the now-notorious BleachBit program. The Justice Department reportedly gave Combetta immunity in its investigation, yet he still refused to talk to Congress. ...

"After the hearing, I asked Gowdy for a reaction to what had happened. He was particularly angry about the immunity situation. After all, it seems clear from the partial set of documents the FBI has released that Combetta destroyed the Clinton email archive after -- not before -- Congress had issued a subpoena for it. If Combetta had immunity, why couldn't he talk to Congress? The question is particularly important since the FBI summary report on the Clinton affair says Combetta not only changed his story between interviews but refused to answer a few questions for the investigating agents, too."

— Byron York, The Washington Examiner
— Byron York, The Washington Examiner
Posted September 14, 2016 • 08:32 am
On HRC's Health and the 2016 Campaign:

"We have no doubt that Mrs. Clinton can produce a full and honest medical report in the same way she produced the billing records of the Rose law firm: if and when it suits her. But despite her campaign's shockingly successful effort to cow the media into forgoing investigation of the question, her health is a real issue and ought to be investigated as such. If anything, her secrecy regarding the matter should whet the appetites of self-respecting journalists, if any are left on the Clinton beat.

"We'd be grateful if Mrs. Clinton would start telling the truth about her health. We'd be grateful if she'd start telling the truth about a good deal more than that, too."

— The Editors, National Review
— The Editors, National Review
Posted September 13, 2016 • 07:46 am
On HRC's 9/11 Health Care Scare:

"Questions about Hillary Clinton's health threatened to put the Democratic nominee's campaign on pause after she hastily departed a 9/11 commemoration in New York Sunday and was videotaped from at least two angles requiring physical assistance to get into her van with shaky legs.

"A health condition initially described by Clinton's campaign as a brief episode of overheating during the outdoor event -- a situation downplayed by a stronger-looking candidate in the afternoon -- was identified later as pneumonia when the campaign released a four-sentence statement from Clinton's physician. The campaign did not disclose detailed medical records or test results, nor did it make the doctor available for questioning.

"Along the way, Clinton's communications team fielded criticism for withholding information and not keeping journalists in the press pool accompanying Clinton informed of her movements. The U.S. Secret Service was accused of not following protocol when the candidate became ill and was whisked away in a motorcade. And some Democrats griped that Clinton's campaign team had overscheduled the nominee if they had understood last week that she had a serious respiratory infection."

— Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
— Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
Posted September 12, 2016 • 07:22 am
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"Immigration drains the government, sapping as much as $296 billion a year from federal, state and local taxpayers while depressing wages, at least in the short run, according to an authoritative study released Wednesday by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. The 500-page academic tome is supposed to be the final word about the fiscal and economic effects of mass immigration…[more]
—Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times
— Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times
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