In last week's Liberty Update, we highlighted the Heritage Foundation's 2022 Index of Economic Freedom…
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Image of the Day: More Economic Freedom = Higher Standard of Living

In last week's Liberty Update, we highlighted the Heritage Foundation's 2022 Index of Economic Freedom, which shows that Joe Biden has dragged the U.S. down to 22nd, our lowest rank ever (we placed 4th in the first Index in 1995, and climbed back up from 18th to 12th under President Trump).  As we noted, among the Index's invaluable metrics is how it demonstrates the objective correlation between more economic freedom and higher citizen standards of living, which this graphic illustrates:


May 19, 2022 • 12:53 PM

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This Lawsuit is Priceless Print
Wednesday, May 21 2014

A man is suing New York City for $2 undecillion, an amount recognized as more money than there is on Earth.

After allegedly being bitten by a rabid dog on a city bus, Anton Purisima has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan seeking $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. According to news reports, Purisima is suing as a result of the dog bite and the fact that a couple took unauthorized photos of him while he was being treated at a local hospital.  In addition to New York City and Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Purisima is suing two New York hospitals, Kmart, LaGuardia Airport, a bakery and the dog's owner.

Purisima claims in his lawsuit that the pain and suffering he has endured cannot be measured in money and is therefore "priceless."

This is not Purisima's first day in court; Purisima has filed lawsuits in the past against Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Wachovia and the People's Republic of China.


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"We all know what happens when a tree falls in an empty forest. What happens when a democracy emerges unscathed from a purported vile racist threat to its very existence?Pretty much the same thing, it turns out.The surge in the early vote in Georgia shows that all the smears about the state's new voting law, repeated by everyone from the president of the United States on down, were complete nonsense…[more]
—Rich Lowry, Editor-in-Chief of National Review
— Rich Lowry, Editor-in-Chief of National Review
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