Yes, yes, July 4 is when we officially celebrate American independence, commemorating the day 56 men…
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Happy July 2: "The most memorable Epocha in the History of America"

Yes, yes, July 4 is when we officially celebrate American independence, commemorating the day 56 men pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the cause of liberty. But John Adams for a moment believed the more momentous occasion was July 2, when the delegates of the Continental Congress cast the fateful vote to draft the Declaration of Independence that would sunder America’s ties with Great Britain. Adams, along with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, formed the drafting committee.

Those were heady days, the culmination of years of argument, abuse, and violence, with plenty more to come. Adams, standing at the center of history, took time to take stock and convey his thoughts to his beloved wife Abigail in two letters he wrote the morning and evening of July…[more]

July 02, 2015 • 05:40 pm

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Jester’s Courtroom
More Than They Bargained For
Wednesday, June 24 2015

A Maryland couple is suing the sellers of their new home, claiming they knew or should have known that it was snake infested.

Jody and Jeffrey Brooks got more than they bargained for when they bought their house in Annapolis, Maryland, for $410,000 and later found that it was infested with snakes.  The Brooks have sued the former owners for $2 million in damages, claiming the sellers knew or should have known of the snake infestation.

Shortly after purchasing their property, the Brooks found a snake skin in the home. Then, their four-year-old son saw a snake emerging from the house. Not long thereafter, they realized there were snakes everywhere. According to news reports, a contractor and snake inspector deemed the house snake-infested, noting that there were “highways in the basement walls that the snakes use to traverse the home.”

The sellers had been renting the house, not living there, and claimed they had no knowledge of the snakes. The Brooks dispute their response, noting that a tenant had previously raised the issue of a snake and therefore the sellers should have known there might be a problem.


Not the Most Neighborly Move
Monday, June 15 2015

A New York City man is suing Apple in an attempt to keep an Apple store out of his tony neighborhood.

Herbert Feinberg, 88, opposes the new Apple Store due to open soon on the corner of his block on the Upper East Side. In an attempt to stop the store from opening, Feinberg has sued, claiming the store will attract shoppers who are "incompatible" with the "community interests" of the city's neighborhood. According to news reports, Feinberg would like the store to be occupied by "small and luxury retailers" or "well-known art galleries that draw visitors consistent with the unique neighborhood culture."

Apple declined to comment on legal matters.


A Stupid...Lawsuit
Thursday, June 11 2015

A lawyer is suing the Electronic Frontier Foundation ("EFF") for calling his patent stupid.

After a patent held by attorney Scott Horstemeyer was featured in the EFF's monthly "Stupid Patent of the Month" post, Horstemeyer had his lawyer send a threatening letter to the EFF, claiming the post included "false, defamatory and malicious statements." When the letter didn't get the result Horstemeyer sought -- removal of the post -- he went one step further and sued the EFF in a Georgia county court.

According to news reports, the lawsuit repeats the claims made in the letter and argues further that because Mark Cuban and Markus "notch" Persson donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the EFF, with Cuban's money going to form the "Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents" (a position currently held by Daniel Nazer, who wrote the original EFF post), it shows that the "defamation" was done "with malice" and "for their own selfish financial benefit and profit."

The EFF responded by stating that nothing in the article is even remotely defamatory.

The Article is opinion that is absolutely protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and state law, including that of Georgia and California. As your Letter does not identify any specific statement of fact that is provably false, it instead appears that your client takes issue with EFF expressing its belief that: Mr. Horstemeyer sought and was granted a "stupid" patent, - U.S. Patent No. 9,013,334 (the "'334 Patent"); that he appeared to "gam[e] the patent system" in doing so; and he may have acted unethically. While you may disagree with this opinion, it is not actionable.

The EFF further notes that it may seek an action against Horstemeyer if he does not decide to drop the suit, and aptly notes that continuing the lawsuit only draws further media attention.


Tag You're It
Wednesday, June 03 2015

A South Dakota man is suing his former employer claiming he was forced to wear an offensive name tag at work.

Caleb Larson says when he arrived at work at Pizza Ranch in Watertown, South Dakota, without his name tag, the owner gave him a name tag that read "braindead." Fearing he might lose his job, Larson says he wore the name tag throughout his shift. Restaurant owner Ross Olson admits giving Larson the name tag, but maintains that Larson never wore it.

Larson, who quit his job the next day, filed suit against the restaurant and its owner, saying the incident caused him emotional distress. Larson is seeking compensatory damages.

Source: (South Dakota)

Chicken Envy Lawsuit
Thursday, May 28 2015

A Ukranian woman is suing actress Mila Kunis, charging her with stealing her pet chicken.

Kristina Karo, allegedly Kunis' best friend from childhood in the Ukraine, claims Kunis stole her chicken, Doggie, 25 years ago, causing Karo to become an emotional wreck in need of therapy.

According to news reports, Karo says Kunis suffered from chicken envy and that Kunis would come to her house and play with Doggie. Karo further contends that after the chicken went missing Kunis confessed that she stole it, saying, "Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm."

Karo is suing Kunis for $5,000.

Kunis and her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, responded via video to set the record straight that Kunis did not steal a chicken.


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