So this apparently passes as intelligent commentary among The New York Times set and tantrum-throwing…
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Perhaps the Funniest Post-Brexit Tantrum Yet, Courtesy of The New York Times

So this apparently passes as intelligent commentary among The New York Times set and tantrum-throwing "Remain" pajama boy voters in Britain.

Namely, a perpetual adolescent who acknowledges:

Since my late teens, every effort I have ever exerted has been with the intention of escaping Alresford.  And yet, I am an early-career academic and so I am forced to move back, every summer, to live with my parents because I cannot afford to pay rent elsewhere after my temporary teaching contract ends."

Nevertheless, he openly fantasizes about its utter obliteration and return to a state of nature, lamenting the area's "Brexit" vote to declare independence from the European Union:

Sometimes, in the summer, I walk up the hill and I look out over it, the housing development on one side and…[more]

July 01, 2016 • 12:57 pm

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
Jester’s Courtroom
What a Paper Trail
Wednesday, June 29 2016

A Craigslist sale of an allegedly malfunctioning printer has been winding its way through the courts for nearly seven years, and there appears to be no end in sight for the paper filings.

According to news reports, Doug Costello sold a used Brother laser printer/fax/scanner machine to Gersh Zavodnik for $40 in 2009. Unbeknownst to Costello, Zavodnik had been described by the Indiana Supreme Court as a "prolific, abusive litigant" in light of the dozens of high-priced lawsuits he has filed over online transactions. Costello now seems to have had a duplicate experience.

Over the last six-and-a-half years, Costello has spent nearly $12,000 in lawyers' fees defending the case filed by Zavodnik who claimed the printer did not work when he received it. Zavodnik's original suit, which was filed in small claims court, was dismissed because Zavodnik had thrown away the printer. A year later, Zavodnik filed again, this time seeking more than $30,000 in damages for breach of contract and fraud. After that case was dismissed, Zavodnik made several more attempts, seeking between $300,000 and $600,000.

After more than 5 years, a judge ruled in favor of Zavodnik, awarding him $30,044 in a breach of contract judgment. Costello appealed the case, and it was swiftly dismissed. But Zavodnik isn't giving up the fight. Later this year a panel of judges will decide whether the case should have been dismissed.

“Gersh [Zavodnik] is not normal,” Costello told The New York Daily News. “It's been a practice in zen mindfulness and non-attachment.”


A Dogmatic Lawsuit
Tuesday, June 21 2016

A Dallas pet-sitting company that sued its former clients in small claims court over an unfavorable Yelp review has upped the ante.

Prestigious Pets is now suing in district court and asking for up to $1 million in damages because it claims to have suffered a "dramatic decrease" in business.

In response to the venue change, Michelle and Robert Duchouquette have submitted a 143-page motion asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, asserting their right to free speech.

“It’s interesting. The only real reason to do that is so they could up their damages award request, which they have,” said the couple’s attorney, Nicole Williams. “They’ve gone from [asking for] $6,700 to up to $1 million.”

The legal skirmish stems from a negative review that Michelle Duchouquette posted to Yelp in which she accused Prestigious Pets of overfeeding and nearly killing her fish.


It's All in the Name of Fun
Tuesday, June 14 2016

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' producer is being sued by a woman who claims Ellen mispronounced her name in a segment called, "What's Wrong with These Signs."

Titi (TEE'-tee) Pierce, a Georgia real estate agent, alleges in her lawsuit against Warner Bros. that DeGeneres displayed one of Pierce's real estate signs and mispronounced her name to make a joke about breasts. Pierce, who further claims it was the first time anyone has ever mispronounced her name, said that since the sign included her cellphone number she has been subjected to "ridiculing and harassing" phone calls. She is seeking unspecified monetary damages for what she claims are invasion of privacy, defamation and emotional distress.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producers say, "We try to have fun every day and make people laugh and never intend to hurt anyone's feelings."


Cooking Up a Lawsuit
Tuesday, June 07 2016

A California woman is suing Walmart for injuries she claims to have suffered as a result of a faulty gas grill.

Yvonne Mello claims she injured her hand opening a gas barbecue grill she purchased from Walmart and that days later she suffered a fractured ankle because she couldn't grab anything due to her hand injury. In her Solano County Superior Court lawsuit, Mello claims the gas grill was dangerous and defective.

According to news sources, a Walmart corporate representative could not be reached for comment about the case.

Source: (CA)

Hat's (Not) Off to this Lawsuit
Tuesday, May 31 2016

A fan is suing singer Chris Brown for allegedly stealing his hat.

According to news reports, Marq Stevenson is seeking $2,750 in compensation for his "stolen" hat. Stevenson claims that he passed his cap to one of Brown's road crew to have it autographed by Brown, but he didn't get the cap back. Stevenson wants to be reimbursed for the hat ($25), for his floor seat concert ticket ($225) and demands an extra $2500 for the bullying he allegedly withstood from Brown's crew when he tried to get his hat back.

As a footnote, apparently the hat was never signed, and Stevenson claims he is no longer seeking the autograph.


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