In this week's Liberty Update, we highlight the falsity of the persistent claim that Barack Obama somehow…
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Yesterday's GDP Report Confirms Our Commentary on Obama's Economic Record

In this week's Liberty Update, we highlight the falsity of the persistent claim that Barack Obama somehow prevented a great depression:

[T]he federal government's own economic data shows that Obama actually inherited an emerging recovery.  The American economy was already rebounding before he even officially became president.  What he has done is impose policies that have resulted in the slowest decade of economic growth in recorded U.S. history."

Yesterday's official report on first-quarter 2016 economic performance provided same-day confirmation.  More specifically, the U.S. Commerce Department announced that gross domestic product (GDP), the basic metric by which the economy is measured and by which recessions and recoveries are defined, grew at a disturbing 0.5%.  Not only is that…[more]

April 29, 2016 • 11:42 am

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
Jester’s Courtroom
Burglar Sues Homeowner
Thursday, April 28 2016

A convicted burglar who was shot during an attempted break-in is suing the homeowner.

According to news sources, after homeowner David McLaughlin's alarm on his detached garage went off, he investigated the situation and saw a man running from the building along a dark, dirt alleyway. McLaughlin then opened fire, hitting the thief, David Bailey, in the back of the arm. Now, two years after the shooting, Bailey has filed a civil suit claiming McLaughlin acted recklessly in firing the gun.

According to the complaint, “As the plaintiff (Bailey) was running down the alley away from defendant's residence, the defendant (McLaughlin) continued to the public right-of-way (and off his property) and continued firing his weapon down the dark alley.”

Bailey further contends that McLaughlin told neighbors he “had no idea what he was firing at.”

The complaint concludes that McLaughlin “owed the plaintiff a duty to exercise reasonable care when he exited his property and began firing gunshots down a dark alley.”

“My client thinks it’s outrageous and I tend to agree,” said McLaughlin’s attorney Brian Pierce. “You don’t ordinarily expect someone to burglarize you and turn around and sue you for damages.”

The lawsuit claims the suspect never actually entered the homeowner’s garage and is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Source: (Los Angeles, CA)

A Colorful Lawsuit
Wednesday, April 20 2016

A thirteen year-old red-headed boy has filed a "wrongful life" lawsuit against his parents for allegedly causing him "voluntary prejudice" by giving life to him despite knowing he would be born into a life of pain and suffering.

Liam Murphy, whose parents both have red hair, claims they knew he would very likely inherit what he describes as a very undesirable trait: red hair.

“My life is a torture!” the young boy said. “I keep being told that I have no soul or that I am from an endangered species. People keep calling me Carrottop, Strawberry Shortcake or Ginger Freak, and all of that is my parents’ fault! They knew they were offering me a life of misery, and they selfishly decided to have children anyways.”

The youth is demanding $1.35 million in “pain and suffering” as monetary compensation for the entire experience of having a disabled life versus having a healthy mind and body, as well as $800,000 in “loss of enjoyment of life.”

“My client was intentionally exposed to a life of rejection and bullying by his parents,” said James Franklin O’Connor, the young Murphy's attorney. “Many scientific studies have proven the social difficulties suffered by people with red hair, but this couple who had suffered from it themselves, consciously decided to expose their children to the same thing.”

According to news reports, a few “wrongful life” lawsuits have generated financial compensations of up to $20 million for some children, but these were for plaintiffs born with heavy disabilities or debilitating diseases.


I'll Drink to That
Wednesday, April 13 2016

A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that a lawsuit cannot continue as a class action suit against TGI Friday's by customers angry over a discrepancy in the price of their drinks.

Debra Dugan of New Jersey sued the popular restaurant chain several years ago claiming TGI Friday's engaged in "menu engineering" to exploit its customers by charging different prices for the same drinks depending on whether they were ordered at the bar (where she was charged $2.00) or a dining table (where she was charged $3.59), all in violation of state consumer protection laws. According to news reports, two other plaintiffs eventually joined the suit.

A three-judge panel of the state appeals court reversed a lower court ruling that granted class action status for anyone who ordered unpriced drinks at one of the 14 company-owned New Jersey restaurants. In its holding, the court noted that people who either didn't look at the menus or ask the prices before ordering couldn't necessarily claim damages.

“The class definition erroneously includes all persons who purchased an unpriced soda, beer or mixed drink regardless of whether they reviewed the menu before purchasing the beverages,” the panel wrote. “If a person did not look at the beverage section of the menu, TGIF’s failure to list prices on the menu had no causal nexus to the person’s decision to purchase a particular beverage.”

The court decision allows the individual plaintiffs to go ahead with their claims.


Doing Their Patriot-ic Duty – Suing
Thursday, April 07 2016

A group of New England Patriots fans are suing the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodall and Patriots owner Robert Kraft in an attempt to get back the 2016 first- round pick and the 2017 fourth-round pick taken from their favorite team in the wake of "Deflategate."

According to news reports, seven Patriots fans are being represented by Maine lawyer Seth Carey in their federal lawsuit that charges the league and its commissioner with fraud, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and racketeering. The lawsuit names Kraft as a defendant because he failed to try to persuade the NFL to change its mind regarding the penalties.

“In short, after a three-month, multi-million dollar investigation, actual proof of a plot to deflate footballs was never found,” Carey writes. “In the absence of such evidence, it is difficult to understand why [outside investigator Ted] Wells found such a plot ‘more probable than not.'”

The seven fans include a season ticket holder from Connecticut who said the scandal has left his 7-year-old daughter disillusioned and a Florida man who said the NFL's sanctions have caused him stress and lost sleep.

The Patriots and league declined to comment.

Source: and

Bar Brawl Ends in Lawsuit
Thursday, March 31 2016

A Chicago-area man is suing a restaurant and bar owner for injuries he received following a fight with another customer.

According to news reports, Todd McCarthy is suing Durty Nellie's for $50,000, plus the cost of the suit. McCarthy claims he was assaulted by another customer  the restaurant was unable to control, resulting in numerous painful and severe injuries. McCarthy further alleges that the restaurant and bar owner were negligent for allowing the presence of a quarrelsome and disorderly customer in the establishment.


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