ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") voted to advance a Notice of…
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CFIF Applauds FCC Vote to Advance NPRM to Restore Internet Freedom

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") voted to advance a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on the "Restoring Internet Freedom" proposal championed by Chairman Ajit Pai and Commisser Mike O'Reilly that would return federal internet regulatory policy to the light-touch approach that prevailed from the 1990s onward, until the Obama Administration FCC moved to reclassify the internet as a "public utility" in 2015.

In response, Center for Individual Freedom ("CFIF") Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs Timothy Lee issued the following statement:

"Beginning in the 1990s, the internet flourished and transformed our world like no innovation in history for a simple reason:  Administrations of both political parties over two decades, beginning…[more]

May 18, 2017 • 12:36 pm

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
Jester’s Courtroom
Barking Up the Wrong Elevator
Thursday, May 25 2017

A Chicago woman sued her condominium association, claiming she was the victim of housing discrimination because she was forced to share the elevator with dogs.

Holly Geraci, who occupies a penthouse apartment with her husband, a prominent bankruptcy attorney, said her fear of large dogs amounted to a disability under the Fair Housing Act.

A jury disagreed, finding in favor of the condo association.

"They didn't believe that Holly Geraci actually suffered from a disability as it's defined by the Fair Housing Act," said Graham Miller, an attorney representing the condo association.

According to news reports, when the Geracis moved into the development, the association didn't allow dogs, but it made an exception for the Geraci's older Cairn terrier, which weighed 10 pounds. In 2004, the building opened the door for dogs of all kinds. Geraci claimed her fear applied to large dogs.


First Date Ends in Lawsuit
Thursday, May 18 2017

A Texas man is suing a woman for the cost of a movie ticket after their first date prematurely ended because she was texting in the theater.

Brandon Vezmar of Austin, Texas, filed suit in small claims court seeking $17.31, the cost of the ticket to the 3D showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. Calling it a "first date from hell," Vezmar alleges the woman was in "direct violation" of the theater's policy and her actions “adversely” affected his viewing experience. Vezmar wrote in court filings that the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages.”

“While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society,” he wrote in the court filing.

According to news reports, the unidentified woman, who met Vezmar online, left the theater, and Vezmar without a ride home, after he asked her to stop or go outside to text. She disputes Vezmar's claim she texted 10-15 times, saying it was only twice and it was to a friend who was in a fight with her boyfriend.

Vezmar claims his later request for reimbursement for the ticket was ignored, prompting the lawsuit. Upon learning of the lawsuit, she said, “Oh my God. This is crazy.”

Vezmar's lawsuit even caught the attention of James Gunn, the writer and director of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who tweeted, “Why stop at suing? She deserves jail time!”


Flying the Crowded Skies
Thursday, May 11 2017

American Airlines reportedly is being sued by a passenger who claims he was wedged into a window seat next to two obese passengers on a 14-hour flight.

Michael Anthony Taylor took a flight from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, California, on December 28, 2015. Taylor, who suffers with scoliosis, claims he has suffered permanent neck and back problems as a result of the flight. According to news reports, Taylor said that airline officials wouldn’t allow him to move seats, describing his seating arrangement for most of the flight as “crouching, kneeling, bracing or standing.”

American Airlines recently announced it is decreasing its space between seats from 31 inches to 29 inches.

“If Michael is successful, this throws open the doors to potentially a large amount of cases against airlines and how they’ve designed their seating and how they seat passengers,” Taylor’s lawyer Thomas Janson said. “There will be a huge outcry against the way airlines furnish their cabins, particularly in economy.”

American Airlines issued a statement saying, "We just received the lawsuit and we are reviewing the allegations.”


You Don't Call, You Don't Write...You Just Sue
Wednesday, May 03 2017

Popular reality-tv star and host of "Fixer-Upper" Chip Gaines is being sued by his former cofounders of Magnolia Real Estate Company.

According to news reports, John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark are suing Gaines in Texas state court for $1 million. Lewis and Clark charge that Gaines bought them out of the company for $2,500 just days before the HGTV series premiered nationally and that Gaines didn't mention anything to them before the sale.

In response to the lawsuit, Gaines tweeted, "Fyi: Ive had the same cell # 15 years.. same email for 20 yrs. No one called or emailed? 4 years later 'friends' reach out via lawsuit.. humm."

Gaines' attorney told Fox News, "We are confident that these claims will be found to be meritless, and it is disappointing to see people try to take advantage of the hard work and success of Chip and Joanna Gaines."


Eau Dear
Thursday, April 27 2017

An Eau Claire, Wisconsin, television station is suing a couple of pranksters in federal court.
According to news reports, Atlanta-based Gray Television, the owners of WEAU-TV Eau Claire, have filed a lawsuit against The Found Footage Festival, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, all of New York, after the defendants allegedly used fake names and materials to fraudulently “book their appearance for a live interview on [WEAU-TV’s] flagship morning program ‘Hello Wisconsin’”.
The complaint charges that Pickett and Prueher, students at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, appeared on the program as the “fake strongman duo Chop & Steele and performed ridiculous bits and provided false information to WEAU viewers.” The two were invited on by an enthusiastic WEAU anchor who responded to an email and press release offering the appearance of Chop & Steele.
“During all of their communications with WEAU, Prueher and Pickett used false names. Neither they, nor Found Footage Festival, explained the true purpose of the duo’s visit to WEAU at any time before or after they appeared on ’Hello Wisconsin,’” the lawsuit alleges.
“I guess Gray Television didn’t have a sense of humor about this thing,” Prueher said. “If they had done … their due diligence, that I feel like is the responsibility of a news organization, they would have known this was a goof, but you know, they didn’t.”
Among other things, Gray Television is asking the court to find that Found Footage Festival has infringed on its copyright of the Nov. 29 episode of “Hello Wisconsin,” and also asks the court to order Found Footage Festival to render a full and complete accounting to Gray Television of its profits attributable to the infringement, along with compensatory and punitive damages, costs and attorneys’ fees incurred in pursuing the action and interest.


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