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October 6th, 2009 9:09 am
Doctors for Liberal Politics
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It occurred to us yesterday that we should request the names and affiliations of the 150 doctors in white coats (some hastily provided by the White House costume department) who appeared at President Obama’s latest ObamaCare infomercial.

Then, as if by providence, The New York Times provided us with one sentence that told us all we really need to know about these people who are going to fan out across the countryside to sell, sell, sell: 

Many are members of Doctors for America, a new grass-roots organization that has advocated a health care overhaul and is an outgrowth of Doctors for Obama, which worked to help elect the president.”

Since the President said nothing new yesterday, we must assume that they’re going to sell the same old “hope and change” they were peddling before the election.  That isn’t medicine, and it surely isn’t how to pay for it.

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