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October 6th, 2009 3:26 pm
The Dog Ate My Global Warming Homework?
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The University of East Anglia is a taxpayer-supported university whose Climate Research Unit (CRU) has produced data serving as the basis for international studies alleging a global warming crisis.  That includes our own Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has proposed draconian, unnecessary and costly regulation of carbon dioxide. But in August of this year, the CRU admitted that it destroyed the original raw data for its global surface temperature set, claiming a lack of storage space.

In other words, the dog ate its homework?

Unfortunately, but conveniently for global warming alarmists, the EPA stopped accepting public comments on its proposed carbon dioxide regulation back in June.  But fortunately, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed a petition with the EPA yesterday to re-open debate.  As stated by CEI’s General Counsel Sam Kazman, “the EPA is resting its case on international studies that in turn relied on CRU data.  But CRU’s suspicious destruction of its original data, disclosed at this late date, makes that information totally unreliable.  If the EPA doesn’t reexamine the implications of this, it’s stumbling blindly into the most important regulatory issue we face.”

Dennis the Menace couldn’t get away with this excuse, and neither should the CRU or EPA bureaucrats.

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