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October 14th, 2011 2:56 pm
Governor Moonbeam, Part Deux

Perhaps a head nod to Hot Shots fans will lessen the depressing (but by no means surprising) analysis from the Sacramento Bee’s Alan Autry on the dismal failure of Jerry Brown’s resurrected governorship:

The governor has signed nearly 745 bills, most aimed at yet more micromanagement of every aspect of our lives from Sacramento or at satisfying the interests of the organizations that funded his election. The Los Angeles Times said, “When the dust settled on Gov. Brown’s first legislative session in nearly three decades, no group had won more than organized labor.”

There you have it, the product of Brown’s first year in office: signing off on campaign payoff obligations, more Sacramento micromanagement, vetoing of bipartisan common sense reforms to increase government efficiency and effectiveness, procrastinating on regulatory reforms to help job creation, and signing a gut-and-amend bill that will ensure even more partisan gridlock – this from the man who ran on breaking the “morass of poisonous partisanship.”

The canary is dead and the coalmine is collapsing.  If you run a business and you have an option outside of California – take it.

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