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February 22nd, 2012 11:14 am
Phthalates Aren’t Some Mispronunciation by Elmer Fudd

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has been taken over by leftist activists, is taking comments through Friday on a proposed report on phthalates, which are used in most plastics. At the American Enterprise Institute, Jon Entine has a superb report on what’s at stake. The key line: “Federal regulators need be careful about demonizing proven safe chemicals, and replacing them with potentially risky substitutes that have not been tested.”

This is all part and parcel of a continuing story of overzealous overregulation by the CPSC. I’ve written (or done the first draft of editorials) on the broader topic several times, including here for CFIF.

The CPSIA, the law on which a lot of this is based, was another of the idiocies the Bush administration either pushed or let get through. But the interpretation thereof, going well beyond the ordinary, logical meaning of the law in order to regulate far more strictly and counterproductively than the law itself would otherwise allow, is entirely the work of the Obamites who now run the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The economy suffers as a result.

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