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April 4th, 2012 7:02 pm
More Bad Solyndra News

Politico reports that an Inspector General’s investigation concluded the Department of Energy’s loan to Solyndra corrupted a process to serve a political agenda.

The Treasury Department’s review of Solyndra’s $535 million federal loan guarantee was “rushed” through in about one day in March 2009, “based on an expedited review request from DOE so that a press release could be issued,” according to a Treasury inspector general report that gives further evidence of the early Obama administration’s eagerness to announce progress in funding clean energy.

The report also found that DOE didn’t consult with Treasury on the terms and conditions of the loan deal before or during the Energy Department’s own review process, including the review of Solyndra’s credit worthiness.

Nor did DOE include Treasury in negotiations that later allowed private investors to skip past taxpayers in the repayment line in the event – which turned into a certainty – that Solyndra went bankrupt.

The corruption in the Solyndra loan process is unique in that – so far – no one inside the government has been accused of being bribed for making so many financially ruinous decisions with taxpayer money.

The only explanation is the triumph of ideology over process.

In the Teapot Dome scandal members of the Harding administration got kickbacks for no-bid contracts on oil drilling.  The HUD scandals of the late 1980’s made some officials, lobbyists, and construction companies rich at the expense of the poor.  But with Solyndra and other failed alternative energy busts, Obama’s DOE blew billions of dollars on nothing more than a bankrupt ideology; namely, the fantasy that green technology can be subsidized into sustainability.

At least with bribes you can follow the money.  The Obama administration’s version of corruption is something arguably new.  The only way to ensure its eradication is to fire the people who hire the ideologically-driven bureaucrats.

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