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October 15th, 2009 11:37 am
Boy, that Nobel Peace Prize is Already Paying Dividends
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Sane observers knew instantly that Barack Obama and his substance-free diplomacy were undeserving of this week’s Nobel Peace Prize.  But who knew that the award’s absurdity would be confirmed this quickly?

This week, in a double shot to the Obama Administration’s chin, both the Russians and Chinese undermined calls for tough new sanctions against Iran.  This is particularly embarrassing for Obama because it comes on the heels of revelations that Iran has been completing additional secret enrichment facilities, as well as the supposed “breakthrough” meeting last week between American and Iranian diplomats on the issue.  Dumping icewater on Obama’s unfounded optimism, however, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin flatly stated yesterday that it is “premature” to threaten Iran with sanctions.  And now, China has announced that it is strengthening, not reducing, its cooperation with Iran.

Russia and China constitute two of the United Nations Security Council’s permanent members, meaning that any substantive penalty against Iran for its continuing mendacity and misbehavior is unlikely.  Perhaps another Nobel Peace Prize next year will do the trick, though…

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