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April 17th, 2012 12:05 pm
Race-Baiting AG Eric Holder Must Go

Over the weekend at NRO, Andy McCarthy took a verbal Bowie knife to the gut of Attorney General Eric Holder — and deservedly so. I have written about Holder’s thuggish reign here numerous times before. Here’s McCarthy, or part of McCarthy’s summary, of the lawlessness and racialism of Holder:

Eric Holder rode in on the stench of Marc Rich and will ride out on the stench of Al Sharpton. He’s spent the three-plus years in between branding Americans as “cowards” on race matters; investigating the CIA; coddling CAIR and the New Black Panthers; green-lighting voter fraud; swaddling Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the Bill of Rights; and converting the Justice Department into a full-employment program for the Lawyer Left and its Gitmo boutique. But now he’s hit the big time.

This week, our esteemed attorney general canoodled with Reverend Al at the annual convention of the “National Action Network,” home base for the infamous huckster (that would be Sharpton, not Holder — sorry for any confusion). It is difficult to imagine another attorney general in American history sucking up to such a race-mongering charlatan.

Do read the whole thing. This man is a hater. He has no business being in law enforcement.

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