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April 19th, 2012 5:31 pm
Free Online: Heritage’s Guide to the Constitution

A delightful surprise in my inbox today from the Heritage Foundation:

From the preamble to the 27th Amendment — The Heritage Guide to the Constitution Online is a completely searchable reference tool with leading expert analysis of the Constitution. The site features clause by clause analysis of our timeless reference book, links to essays, as well as a teaching companion.

ConstitutionOnline.com provides clear, concise analysis for users who are trying to further their understanding of the Constitution.

No document is more central to securing “the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” than the United States Constitution, and no website is more thorough than ConstitutionOnline.com.

The links above are hosted by an internal email system, so in case you have trouble accessing the site, use this link ( http://www.heritage.org/constitution ).

When you visit the site check out the bevy of essays explaining “About This Guide,” “What the Constitution Means,” “How It Was Formed,” and “The Originalist Perspective.”

There’s also a link to a “Teacher’s Companion” that’s great for Tea Party meetings and reading groups, as well as formal classroom settings.

With the primary season effectively over, now is a great time to brush-up on the Constitution, its meaning, and history.  Goodness knows conservatives will need every argument we can muster come the general election if the Republic is to survive.

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