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May 8th, 2012 1:49 pm
Obama’s Disdain for the Public

Ashton is right to explain why it’s significant, and troubling, that the man Occupying the Oval Office has so determinedly avoided press conferences. But it’s more than just his inability to explain unjustifiable regulations. Methinks Barack Obama has disdain for the public itself, disdain for the very idea that he should need to answer anybody for anything, disdain for the very idea that his own power is contingent and limited.

This disdain has shown itself again and again. Middle America, according to Obama, clings to God and guns because we’re bitter. Twice he has said we are lazy. Numerous times he as ignored clear congressional directives. And so on.

I’m still waiting for the sea to stop rising and the Earth to start healing, and for our economy to recover… and for the Greek columns behind Obama to grow even taller of their own accord.

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