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May 12th, 2012 7:09 pm
Obamites Are Vicious Thugs

The Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, WSJ columnist Kimberly Strassel, and others are detailing the abuse of private individuals by the Obama team and its allies, all for the crime of, Lord forbid, supporting conservatives or Republicans. In this case, the middle man the Lefties are using is former WSJ reporter Glenn Simpson, who I once thought was a decent human being but who obviously is pond scum. Meanwhile, Fred Barnes reminds us of just how dishonest and high-handed BH Obama himself is in terms of actually trying to work with others to find consensus.

Ludicrously, Obama also is prone to trying to pretend he’s a tough guy (rather than an emaciated bag of bones) when greeting Republican governors on airport tarmacs. His whole administration, from day one, has been prone to bouts of thuggishness (or attempted thuggishness), as the eminently fair-minded Michael Barone wrote last week again, continuing a theme he has been highlighting since not just the first days of the administration, but even before Obama was elected. Barone’s best line, however, came when he considered Obama as “an American version of Vladimir Putin.” Except that Putin is an effective thug.

This is a great line specifically because Obama and his minions are so pathetically incompetent. As Bobby Jindal said in a speech in Mobile on Thursday night, not only is Obama the most ideologically leftist president since Jimmy Carter, but he also is “the most imcompetent president since Jimmy Carter.”

Nonetheless, even incompetent thuggery is still thuggery. It still makes some innocents into victims. And it is profoundly unAmerican. It is the stuff of authoritarianism, the province of two-bit banana-republic despots.

And if Glenn Simpson wants to put himself in service of such people, well, somebody ought to call some lawyers and see if there are grounds for suing his creepy rear end from here to pauperville.As for Obama, methinks in the long run he’ll get his. Oh yes, he will: Rot does not forever go unpunished.

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