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October 19th, 2009 12:10 pm
Nine Reporters on One Murder and None to Spare on ACORN?
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To be even relatively safe from vicious attack, virtually all current writing on public affairs must begin with caveats (such as “I am not a racist” or “I really do want peace on earth but…”)

Okay, then, here’s our caveat for this one.  We absolutely love crime reporting.  With particularly intriguing cases, we’ve been known to live for it.  Crime reporting is part of the grand tradition of American journalism and even grander stories.  The number of truly great reporters who started on the graveyard police shift is staggering.

But…(you knew there was one coming), we were considerably taken aback when New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt revealed yesterday that the paper had nine reporters covering the murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le.  Nine reporters from one paper on one tragic but non-extraordinary murder?

Remember when part of the Times’ excuse for not originally covering the ACORN scandal was that the paper was overextended covering wars and famines and the natural disaster that is Congress?  Maybe a few of the crime guys and gals could be reassigned.  Just saying.

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