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June 14th, 2012 11:46 am
Department of Justice Loses Another Incompetent Official

Robert VerBruggen at National Review Online today reports that DoJ official Ronald Weich, who authored a false letter regarding the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking schedule, is leaving his job. What needs to be added for the record is that his F&F gaffe (or perhaps a lie) was far from his only screw-up of absurdist proportions.

Weich also was the official who tried to excuse DoJ’s dropping of the voter-intimidation charges against New Black Panther Jerry Jackson by claiming that Jackson was allowed to be at the site because he lived in that building. Oops! The building hosting the polling place was a senior citizen center — and Jackson is anything but a senior citizen, and his actual home address, a number of blocks away, was readily accessible on other documents. To this day there is no good explanation for how Weich managed to screw up so badly as to assert that Jackson lived in that senior center. Indeed, throughout the investigation into the Black Panther matter, Weich’s responses to congressmen were riddled with assertions of dubious merit.

Therefore, the American people should wish Mr. Weich good riddance. He did not serve us well.

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