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November 4th, 2009 10:42 am
Big Health Care, Big Government
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H.R. 3962, Speaker Pelosi’s attempt at a government takeover of health care weighs in at 1,990 pages.  However, there are a few reading guides available to save your eyes, and your sanity.

The House Republican Conference has done the dirty work and compiled a list of all the new boards, bureaucracies, commissions and programs created in the House health care bill.  There are over 111.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Health Benefits Advisory Committee (Section 223, p. 111)
  • Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman (Section 244, p. 138)
  • Health Insurance Exchange (Section 201, p. 155)
  • “Public Health Insurance Option” (Section 321, p. 211)
  • Ombudsman for “Public Health Insurance Option” (Section 321(d), p. 213)
  • Demonstration program providing reimbursement for “culturally and linguistically appropriate services” (Section 1222, p. 617)
  • Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research (Section 1401(a), p. 734)
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Section 1907, p. 1198)
  • Healthy Teen Initiative grant program regarding teen pregnancy (Section 2526, p. 1398)
  • Program of Indian community education on mental illness (Section 3101, p. 1722)
  • Urban youth treatment center demonstration project (Section 3101, p. 1873)
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