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November 6th, 2009 4:41 pm
Green Activists Using Conservative Arguments to Sell Climate Change Regulations

In a sign that trying to scare or shame people into supporting “climate change” regulation isn’t working, some Environmental groups are emphasizing the positive aspects of legislating in the Earth’s name. A sample:

Now, some groups have muted their alarms about wildfires, shrinking glaciers and rising seas. Not because they’ve stopped caring about them — but because they’re trying to win over people who might care more about a climate bill’s non-environmental side benefits, such as ‘green’ jobs and reduced oil imports.”

Perhaps the best evidence that the Environmental Left is learning the popularity of arguing for American held jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil is the opening statement by an activist to a group of college students in Kansas:

Take climate change off the table, okay?” Jackson said, after reciting evidence that the climate really is changing. “You don’t have to buy it for everything I’m about to say, because everything we do [to combat climate change] is a good idea for at least three other reasons.”

Not all Environmental groups agree with this new wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing approach.  Their intent to keep focusing on alarming the public about impending doom makes it difficult to know who to root for.  On the one hand, it’s nice to know at least some people on the Left want to maintain truth in advertising.  On the other, it’s a compliment of sorts to have the opposition parroting conservative arguments because they’re persuasive to neutral audiences.  Either way, the discord won’t  help pass climate change legislation.  Thank goodness.

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