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November 12th, 2013 3:41 pm
Colorado Obamacare Website Implies Young People Are Drunken Irresponsible Whores

Congratulations, Coloradans! You now have the dumbest, most offensive pro-Obamacare website in the United States.

ProgressNow Colorado, a wacky progressive advocacy outfit, and Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, an organization hell-bent on shoving socialist-style healthcare down the throats of Americans, have combined to propagandize Obamacare through a website called DoYouGotInsurance.com.

That’s right. “Do you got insurance.”

As in, “Dan, does you be cray cray? Is you really gonna jump outta your ride when you be drivin’ on the Interstate? Do you got insurance?”

It was already apparent that the loons behind the site lack a comprehension of basic math by the fact that they believe government-run health insurance is a reasonable idea. They were kind enough to dispel us of any notion that they paid attention in third grade English when they bastardized the language in the name of their website.

If the name and purpose of the website aren’t bad enough, the site patronizes the same young adults it is aimed at attracting to Obamacare. It features more than 20 condescending ads that portray young people as sexually promiscuous, ramen noodle devouring, careless yahoos who do keg stands and pound shots of alcohol. Several of the ads even feature a lifesize cardboard cutout of hunky actor Ryan Gosling (apparently without his consent) to promote taxpayer-subsidized birth control. (According to the dopes behind the website, young women lose all willpower and turn into sluts when a hot guy is around,)

If you want to see the offensive ads, click here.

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