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December 19th, 2013 7:58 pm
Life of Julia & Pajama Boy Ends in Debt

The arrival of Obamacare’s ‘Pajama Boy’ ad campaign coincides with an awful truth the supporters of Big Government don’t want the young and trendy to hear.

If you haven’t yet seen the ad yet Rich Lowry has a picture and an explanation of where it fits in the Obama universe: “But it’s hard not to see Pajama Boy as an expression of the Obama vision, just like his forbear Julia, the Internet cartoon from the 2012 campaign. Pajama Boy is Julia’s little brother. She progressed through life without any significant family or community connections. He is the picture of perpetual adolescence. Neither is a symbol of self-reliant, responsible adulthood.

“And so both are ideal consumers of government. Julia needed the help of Obama-supported programs at every juncture of her life, and Pajama Boy is going to get his health insurance through Obamacare.”

They are also the cohort most likely to pay the bills for all this consumption.

“The current $17 trillion aggregate debt is largely a result of out-of-control entitlement obligations that skyrocketed over the last 20 years and largely were paid out to those over the age of 30,” writes Victor Davis Hanson.

Too bad Julia and Pajama Boy never mention that those under 30 will be the ones paying the bills for decades to come.

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