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January 15th, 2014 6:48 pm
More Women than Men Signing Up for ObamaCare

James Taranto draws attention to an adverse selection problem revealed by the newest federal Obamacare enrollment numbers: More women than men are signing up for health insurance.

The gap between women and men enrollees is troublesome for President Obama’s signature law because women, on average, consume more health services than men. That higher rate of spending drives up the cost of future premiums for everyone.

Of course, women are a larger percentage of the population than men, so as long as the ratio on the federal exchange mirrors the ratio in the population, all should be well.

Except that current enrollment numbers – 54% women to 46% men – don’t mirror the population (where adult women outnumber adult men by a slight 50.3%).

It gets worse. “A 54% to 46% enrollment difference means that only 85.2 males are enrolled in Obamacare for every 100 females,” writes Taranto. Put simply, “Obamacare is missing more than 13 men for every 100 women who’ve signed up.”

Obamacare needs more men in its exchange pool just like it needs more young and healthy people – to pay for others with higher rates of health spending (i.e. women and older people, respectively). That the federal exchange is failing to attract people to pay more for coverage they don’t need is proof that everyday Americans aren’t the sheep central planners envision.

Thank goodness.

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