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November 19th, 2009 10:12 am
Botox Tax Back; Real Housewives Revolt
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Now they’ve finally blown it.  After getting away, so far, with screwing over just about everyone in the country, with hardly a peep, the Senate version of “healthcare reform” has now inappropriately groped a constituency that no sane male-dominated body dare touch:  real housewives of America.

That’s right, ladies.  Politico.com reports, before you’ve even had your coffee this morning, that the botox tax is back.  Five percent on all elective cosmetics surgery.  It is needed “to make the numbers work,” a Democratic Senate aide told Politico.

All we can do is warn Senators of the following:  Ladies who attend those Tea Parties that scare you so badly wear sensible shoes.  Real housewives wear four-inch stilettos, and they ain’t just for pretty.

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