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December 31st, 2009 1:14 pm
Hope for the New Year

Americans are not apathetic people.  Although liberty took several hits this year with wars and rumors of wars on health care, energy, and taxation, freedom’s defenders among the citizenry did not stand by quietly.  They threw tea parties.  They massed at Washington and hundreds of cities around the country.  They spoke boldly at town hall meetings, and found unlikely support.  They raised money, organized, and propelled candidates and ideas past the nay-saying conventional wisdom types.  They won, they lost, and are learning.  2009 was a dress rehearsal.  2010 is the main event.

Americans, by nature, are not defined by politics.  But when events warrant, Americans are willing and able to refocus the political class’s attention on first principles, reminding their hired hands that the government is by, for, and of the people, and that when the governing authority becomes violent towards the people’s self-evident, God-given rights, the people have the right to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

There is much to be hopeful for next year.  Before next New Year’s Eve a new Congress will be elected.  Let us resolve this December 31st to refound America on our constitutional principles so that a year hence our resolutions can move from the public square to the president’s desk.  And let him dare refuse us.

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