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January 14th, 2010 1:49 pm
California’s “Tire Nazis”?

It’s amazing how even the most ardent opponents of capitalism’s profit motive sense the power of arguing for enhancing “revenue” when it’s the government’s books that need balancing. This week California’s governing class has proposed legalizing marijuana and fining motorists with low tire pressure as ways to gin up tax receipts. But while pot pushers are upfront about using the tax system to advance their aim for legitimacy, the global warmists on California’s Air Resource Board (CARB) can’t let go of subterfuge.

In the press release announcing the proposed tire fine, CARB member Barbara Riordan claims:

“This regulation is an example of how the drive to meet AB 32 goals will benefit the state,” Riordan continued. “Reducing our environmental footprint will reinvigorate our economy by establishing California as the lead source of technological innovation, diversifying our state’s fuel sources, creating jobs and helping efforts to avert climate change which threatens the state’s ecosystem.”

Unfortunately, that’s the last paragraph in the press release so readers are left to wonder how imposing a mandatory, monthly, and documented tire pressure check on drivers will create technological innovation, or diversify fuel sources. Presumably, the requirement could create jobs if CARB modifies its draft regulation to require licensing or certification of pressure-checkers. As for averting climate change, perhaps we could all do with a little bit warmer weather this year.

Update: The newest version of the proposed regulatory language has been removed from CARB’s website, likely due to the ruckus caused by irate motorists encouraged by an L.A. area radio duo.

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