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April 5th, 2010 1:48 pm
“Race to the Top” Competition Collecting New Opponents

It looks like Texas Governor Rick Perry isn’t the only state official who thinks the Obama Administration’s “Race to the Top” education funding competition is a game not worth the candle.  With 45 states participating, and 14 making the final round, only 2 states (Delaware and Tennessee) won.  The Department of Education also announced a cap on future awards – but not on federal requirements that follow the money – prompting several states to reconsider before reapplying.

But there is one benefit so far:

In Colorado, Van Schoales, executive director of Education Reform Now, a national advocacy group that supports Colorado’s participation in the competition, said the new award limit had strengthened the hand of teachers’ unions and rural school boards that, in opposing further participation, denounce federal intrusion.

“I’m surprised to see that there is a growing tide of people, an unholy alliance between unions and rural educators, who want us to say no to reapplying,” Mr. Schoales said.

If such an “unholy alliance” is what it takes to get states to kick their addiction to quick-fix federal dollars, so be it.

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