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April 9th, 2010 10:24 am
The Battle Over America’s Future Resumes: Justice Stevens to Retire
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Many Americans unfortunately view elections in too limited a perspective, assuming that mistakes can simply be reversed at the next election cycle.  Today’s announcement by United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens that he will retire reminds us that elections can be far more consequential and long-lasting than many voters assume.

Less than halfway into his tenure, Barack Obama will already have nominated almost one-quarter of the Supreme Court.  That is an enormous impact for the most radical President in American history.  Last year, his “empathetic” nominee Sonya Sotomayor saw her most notable ruling, the New Haven firefighter “affirmative action” decision, embarrassingly reversed by the Supreme Court in the midst of her confirmation process.  Yet she was nevertheless confirmed.  The fact that these are lifetime appointments makes this fact all the more alarming.

Our collective task in the upcoming months is to ensure that:  (1) the dangerous judicial philosophy of Obama’s nominee is fairly and thoroughly illuminated, (2) that we stand up for the principles of individual freedom and Constitutional fidelity just as strongly as we stood against ObamaCare in nearly stopping it despite overwhelming Democrat majorities, and (3) that Americans’ eyes are opened to the way in which Obama seeks to alter America for decades into the future.  This important battle now begins.

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