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September 16th, 2009 11:18 am
Bunker-Busting ACORN Videos
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Forget the Peabody and the Pulitzer and all those other awards that journalists love to pass back and forth among themselves for, like, getting a leaked document, word-processing it up and then going to lunch.

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles – who made the brilliant undercover ACORN videos – aren’t likely to get any of those.  What they are likely to get is the sense of accomplishment in doing the job that journalists and government officials would not or could not do:  they have begun to unravel an enterprise that has for decades wrapped its slimy tentacles around the underbelly of this country and squeezed the dead presidents from the hands of unwilling private interests and more-than-willing government agencies.

How ACORN must have reveled in the election of a live president, one of their own.  The estimated $53 million (at least) that the organization has received in federal grants since 1994 would be pocket change compared to what ACORN could reap with a special friend in the White House.

The work of O’Keefe and Giles may provide the push to end that.  If the videos (from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn and California) individually are devastating, releasing them one by one (and we have no idea how many more they have) is sheer genius.  Likewise, the sneering, dismissive reaction of the mainstream media – running off more viewers, readers, subscribers and influence than could have been imagined a decade ago – is sheer idiocy.

It can only be hoped that the off-the-scale radioactivity that now emanates from ACORN will be enough to move the Congress and the President to quickly deny all federal funding and to order a full-scale investigation of all past practices.

But even that will not be enough, because ACORN has many aliases in its subsidiaries and affiliates, and much of its income comes from state and local governments, and those tentacles also must be severed.

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