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May 4th, 2011 5:48 pm
Obama Dept. of Education Advances Its Toxic “Gainful Employment Rule”
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There’s new political malfeasance from the Obama Administration.  Its Department of Education has sent the destructive so-called “Gainful Employment Rule,” which unfairly persecutes and effectively eliminates private college competition in higher education, over to the Office of Management and Budget for final review.

In addition to its harmful effects, the Rule is also riddled with corruption, from allegations of insider trading to defective Government Accountability Office reports.  The Education Department’s handling of this issue has been simply appalling.  Even more outrageous is the fact that the Department has not made the most recent version of the Rule – the one that was just sent to OMB for final review – available to the public.

In February, we applauded the House of Representatives when it passed a bipartisan amendment to H.R. 1 that stated that “no funds may be used to ‘implement, administer or enforce’ the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed Gainful Employment rule, nor may the Department ‘promulgate or enforce any new regulation or rule’ that would have the same effect as the Gainful Employment rule.  Unfortunately, however, that amendment was not included in the final budget.  But the battle to preserve student choice and market freedom in higher education is far from over.

At a time when our country has fallen behind in the rate of college graduates, we need competition in higher education now more than ever if we want to survive in an increasingly competitive world economy.  The Rule is clearly not close to being ready for final review, and the Department of Education must  reconsider its implications.  Most particularly, its harmful impact on less wealthy and working students who rely on career colleges and ultimately on our economy.

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