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June 1st, 2011 4:20 pm
Will Lefties Finally Abandon Racial Gerrymanders?

NRO today reports the amazing news, via this blog post by Roger Clegg and Hans von Spakovsky, that the Atlanta J-C’s columnist Cynthia Tucker is having second thoughts about racial gerrymandering. Glory be! The big question is, will the rest of the Left follow suit, thus enabling all of us to end this pernicious practice even though the Obama-Holder Justice Department remains radically wedded to it and to related legal stances? Abigail Thernstrom wrote a great piece (one of many on this topic she has written through the years) at NRO last month.

I have been writing on this and related Voting Rights Act Section 5 issues for at least ten years now (I think even longer), and for what it’s worth I thought I’d share some of those pieces (some of which I acted as lead drafter of, on behalf of full editorial boards, whose opinions they represent rather than being my own personal columns). Here and here and here and here and here are some of them. Oh, and if you read ANY of them, please read this one, because it addresses the issue most directly.

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