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June 3rd, 2011 12:15 pm
High on the Hinterlands

My latest column at The American Spectator gets around, eventually, to discussing why restoration of the American civic order is coming not from DC but from all the good Americans outside of the upper East Coast bubble.

There’s lots else in the column, so I do urge you to read it, but here’s the good news:

Now that I’ve escaped Washington, I am becoming aware that official Washington has somewhat, ever-so-slightly, improved. It did so because people here out in the hinterlands forced it to do so. Americans proved they love their country. The Tea Party movement played the largest role in sending four score and seven freshmen Republicans to the House even though the RNC was chaired by a bumbling, solipsistic embarrassment. And, while too many of those 87 freshmen and their Tea Party backers sometimes miss the difference between constructive compromise and craven capitulation, the courage of an entire caucus standing firm for entitlement reform is a glorious thing to behold. With the people leading, the politicians are following not sheepishly but with verve….

Eventually, I get around to discussing what I call “the Madisonian ideal for responsible citizenship.” I hope I’m right that this ideal is gaining new adherents.

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