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June 6th, 2011 2:51 pm
DoJ Hiring Scandal Gets Legs

Last week I blogged twice here about what should be a major scandal involving hiring at the Department of Justice.  Now it’s starting to get attention, of the right sort (meaning not the fawning, Holder-is-God type of stuff the New York Times does), from bigger publications. This is the lede: “The Justice Department’s Civil-Rights Division has hired dozens of Democratic-affiliated lawyers from organizations that have a huge financial stake in the agency’s decisions and policies.”  To give credit where it is due, J. Christian Adams and Pajamas Media both have been all over this topic for months, and I think the Washington Times actually was the first in print on it, way back last October.

The question is, where the heck is the Washington Post on this scandal. As the WashTimes noted, it was the Post that first laid down the marker:

On Sept. 9, 2009, The Washington Post editorialized: “Mr. Holder must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors. If it was wrong then to fill career slots only with ‘loyal Bushies,’ it would be wrong now to reserve slots only for committed liberals seeking to make up for lost time.” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s team deserves to be blasted now that it’s implementing exactly such an injustice.

Now that it is clear Holder is doing just what the Post warned against, the Post ought to be calling for a major investigation. We eagerly await its editorial (but we’re not holding our breaths).

Now, just to throw a note of perhaps-overheated (but not really implausible) worry into this situation, note what James Carville said the other day (as reported by the excellent Jeffrey Poor) about what might happen if the economy doesn’t improve: civil unrest.

How is this related? Well, I have long posited that civil unrest actually would play into Obama’s hands, if Obama is as much of an Alinskyite as he appears to be. Civil unrest gives Obama the chance to demand (or just assume) expanded executive authority to “maintain order.”  And…. now who, exactly, would be asked first to decide how to deal with the unrest, and to decide what authority the president does and doesn’t have? Yes, the Department of Justice, probably its Civil Rights Division, rapidly filling up with lefties who will do exactly Obama’s bidding without a second thought.

This isn’t the fox watching the henhouse, it’s the wolves policing themselves.  Last I checked, wolves weren’t much interested in being policed.

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