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February 9th, 2010 12:32 pm
Washington Post Ignores Obama’s “Corpse-Man,” Obsesses Over Palin’s Notes
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Do a quick Google search of the terms “Obama,” “corpsman” and “Washington Post.”

Not a whole lot jumps to the forefront, at least from The Washington Post itself.  Notably, it provides a transcript of the very speech in which Obama’s teleprompter failed to phonetically spell out the military term “corpsman,” leading the supposed intellectual Obama to mispronounce it “corpse-man.”

The same Google search results in an avalanche of separate commentaries on the matter, of course, as well as readers’ follow-up comments to the Post transcript pointing out Obama’s embarrassing (and revealing) error.  But the Post itself apparently considers it unworthy of substantive note.  Evidence undermining the Obama Myth is unwelcome there, apparently.

But Sarah Palin?  Toward her, the Post can’t seem to relent in its obsession over her use of hand notes during a speech.  Who knows, perhaps Palin just didn’t want to waste the untold thousands of dollars necessary to secure a teleprompter and an entire staff of speechwriters as Obama does.  But even with all the King’s horses, all the King’s men and all the King’s teleprompters, Obama still couldn’t manage to pronounce “corpsman” correctly.

Imagine for a moment the Post’s hysterics if George W. Bush had committed an error that revealing.  Or if Sarah Palin had.

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